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— Hey I just got back from Argentina. Did I miss anything?

All this Michael Jackson memorializing reminded me of a chart of sampling that's been done of his songs that was viral a little while ago. I didn't realize it at the time but the guy who made it does these "sample maps" has a whole bunch of them. Also interesting to read how it went viral.

I also liked this "Origins of the Moonwalk" video.

Less cool but I still watched it, Billie Tweets.

And I imagine this year's Thrill 2009 will be well attended.

Just reading the phrase "inkjet-printable shrink plastic" should set your brain ablaze with ideas but in cast the transition from Michael Jackson was too much for that, "Make Photo Necklaces, Earrings, Magnets and More Using Shrinkable Plastic." It's DIY Shrinky Dinks.

Speaking of DIY, my favorite new site is There, I Fixed It. A wonderful tribute to human ingenuity.

Kid builds his own roller coaster.

360 view from inside a water bottle

How language effects the way you think. Not as long or as dense as it looks. Good food for thought. How is the way you see the world guided by the language you use to describe the world?

Stop Paying Attention: Zoning Out Is a Crucial Mental State

Amazing face painting. With some of them I can't even make out the face.

Why the Terminator sounds like Arnold.

Countdown featured this last week but it's the kind of thing that's better online so you can play it a few times and figure out what the guy's doing. He appears to swing the baseball bat at least twice with every motion.

For a long-hair considering making a clean aesthetic break before I end up looking like an old metal head who didn't know when to quit, the results of the Today show's latest semi-regular emasculation exercise are not very encouraging. They look worse, right?

The state of the music review industry (some curses) - A whole lot of implications for news reporting here. Look for the "crowdsourcing kills" meme to catch fire.

This experiment of virtual homelessness inĀ  Sims 3 is pretty compelling even if it has some wonky lines: "She's now got a negative moodlet for 'embarrassment', which almost negates the mood bonus she got for getting clean."