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Today's links felt a little dry so I held out until something cool came up. Here it is. The only thing I'm trying to figure is how this guy learned to do this the very first time.

This emergency prop plane landing is pretty cool too.

NYTimes guide to TV season finales

Lots of links today pointing to Stweet, a mash-up of Twitter
and Google Street View. Put in your city and see Tweets superimposed on the
street view of the tweet's location.

What those bicycle racing crashes that make you shrug your
shoulders and cover your face look like from the inside.

Ten Twitter Mythconceptions - First of all, if you're not making a "tw-" Twitter pun fake
word, why on earth would you randomly make up a word like mythconceptions?
Anyway, good list. Regarding #7, Twitter is not a time suck when it comes to
posting but can be very distracting when you get to following enough good

10 Online Photography Magazines We Love - Another winner from the folks at Photojojo

I'm not sure what to make of the fact that TweetBook got
clobbered with traffic today. Do that many people want their old tweets turned into
e-books? I think I'm missing something.

This person is selling everything they own before a major
life change. That's fine and we've seen variations of that before. What's cool
is that the "everything" is cataloged on one long page of thumbnail images. What would everything you own look like spread out down a
page item by item? I can't tell if this is a lot of stuff for someone to own. I
think it's actually not very much.