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— This guy never misses. So simple and yet...

Automotivator makes motivational posters.

College Students Build Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle. Here's more detail. It looks cool enough (Buell chassis) but the video is not particularly impressive. It's not really clear what the thing sounds like.

"The Korea Communications Commission is spending $24 billion to secure 1Gbps access by 2012." I mean really, can you imagine what media would be like with that kind of capacity?

FML (F*** My Life) is my favorite new meme.

Did you see the video of the kid on pain meds following mouth surgery? I completely accept that putting a kid on drugs like this would be necessary and the kid doesn't even seem upset and yet the whole thing seems somehow kind of cruel.

Absolutely HEADPHONES ONLY audio: The dance remix of the Christian Bale tirade. NOTE: Crazy groovy F-BOMBS in large quantities. Headphones only.