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Scampering ladies in their underwear not included

The Benny Hillifier puts the Benny Hill "Yackety Sax" theme song to any YouTube video.

It kind of reminds me of the Curb This blog that puts the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music on the end of famous movie scenes.

Prehistoric Japanese Goblin Shark - I have to assume that its drool will dissolve the metal grated catwalks of space stations, though I can't be sure.

Season 2 Online Premiere - Flight of the Conchords (US Only) - I've decided to wait and watch it on my TV but it's cool that this option exists.

I should probably save all of these for one big Christmas post but this microwave song is too neat to hold.

Speaking of must-share Christmas items, check out this photo. I know it's older than Mad Men but that's what immediately comes to mind.

I feel such ambivalence about this improved homeless box story it hurts my head. It's so nice that some homeless people don't have to sleep in a box and also so utterly crappy that they have to sleep in a fancy box instead.

Speaking of cognitive dissonance, how about Mike Tyson's bad-ass face tattoo versus... the rest of him?

I don't know what the deal is with IE but I got two viruses in two weeks after years of clean surfing so I'm back on the Firefox. I had quit Firefox and Chrome because when I have a billion tabs open sometimes videos won't play and I don't have that problem with IE. I'm still not pleased with Firefox because it feels slow to me. I know that's not born out by the speed tests and maybe it's some extension I've installed but it makes me crazy. Chrome is nice and zippy for me and I like how visually open it feels - I'm just not in the habit of clicking the icon on my desktop yet.

The ads on MSNBC on Time Warner Cable in New York City (not sure if these are local ads or national) lately are often for a weird kind of baggy blanket with sleeves. I forget the name but it's the same as this. Am I the only one who feels like these are real life thneeds? (Even the marketing has a "which everyone, everyone, everyone needs" quality to it.)

The new Wolverine trailer slays.