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Politics aplenty

Utterly bizarre Japanese Obama music video. It actually gets weirder the longer you watch.

Ron Howard's get out the vote video is something you probably saw a clip of on TV. Here's the whole thing, from Opie to Fonzi.

Speaking of political ads and resurrecting old characters, the Whazzup guys reunited (did they ever break up?) for video supporting Obama. The best mashup version of that video (and the first one I think of when I hear the whazzup sound) is the Super Friends dub.

Really, the political videos have just been out of control so I'll just keep listing them. This one of Sarah Palin needs to be watched at least three times to really appreciate it. The content is just one of her Katie Couric answers but there's a piano making the most accurate melodic translation of her words that I've ever heard. Depending on my mood it either sounds like it's mocking her or celebrating her, I can't decide.

Still political, possibly the nerdiest thing on the Internet right now.

I'm pretty sure at some point in time I mused that I'd like to see one of these "impeach Bush" activists actually try to carry out the kind of citizen's arrest they threaten if a Bush administration official ever came to their campus/town/speaking event. Well here's what it looks like. About as awkward (and unsuccessful) as I imagined. At least the lady wasn't tazed.

McCain/Obama dance off - Their heads are a little floaty but for what it is the technology holds up pretty well.

Commuter Click: We have multiple personalities.

I couldn't get the AC/DC spreadsheet video to work. The new songs sound good though. (And as throwbacks go, definitely better than the new Guns n Roses.)

A tie fighter made of Starbucks cups. Doesn't seem like there's 50 cups worth of material there but this kind of thing always makes me wonder if I should be saving more junk.

I can't decide if Amazon's new window shop is the future or just an idea that seemed better on paper. Does the practice of literally browsing online really make sense? It feels really inefficient.

Law & Order done with chickens. Amazingly I totally understand every scene in this and I don't speak a word of chicken.

Solar saves the day headline of the day: New solar cell material achieves almost 100% efficiency, could solve world-wide energy problems

There's not a lot to this video of a bunch of shopping carts spilling out the back of a truck but I have some readers with personal histories in the field of shopping card herding, so here's to parking lot shepherds.

Wooden path killed my Saturday night. The more you play, the more you get the hang of it, but there are so damn many bridges it takes forever to work through.

Sexy Halloween costumes - a really funny take on the strange cultural requirement that women's Halloween costumes have to be a sexy version of whatever they're dressed as. (What's the deal with that?)

Speaking of worthy Halloween links, these are the sickest pumpkins ever. More like pumpkin sculptures than anything to do with cutting triangle eyes.

One guy records himself doing 64 different vocal parts in an a capella version of Thriller.

I recently found out that my IT guy had extra docking stations for my laptop but this hanger solution isn't a terrible idea if you're looking to get that hot laptop off your lap.

Nice audio photo series from Magnum on living conditions around the world.

Some fun sketchbook art to make you feel bad about your own doodling skills. (Reminds me of this grocery list.)

Here's that new Watchmen trailer in case you missed it on Spike.

(What I've been working on all this time: Rachel.msnbc.com)