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They're trying to get back to their own dimension

Creative writing assignment: Tell the story of anyone in this news video up to the point when this report takes place. (Alternate title to this entry was "It's not her twin it's herself!")

Speaking of writing, if you feel like your life is low on thoughtful discourse on creative process, you'll likely find these Slate author interviews enriching.

Poetry with book titles

I know everyone is tittering over the Sarah Palin Disney trailer but after reading Jim Popkin's piece on her correspondence she reminds me more of Elle in Legally Blonde (and I mean that in a good way as far as movie analogies go).

Eddie Vedder makes me want to be a Cubs fan.

I'm still trying to get my head around this car technology. It tells you how fast you have to go to beat the coming traffic light and it'll change red lights to green?

The 2008 PC Builder's Bible - I've been collecting "build your own computer" links lately under the delusion that I'll actually try to build one. This looks like a comprehensive "one stop" explainer.

Web watchers are following the latest State of the Blogosphere report from Technorati. The highlight item from the first day was the suggestion that with 100,000 unique users (as opposed to page views) a blogger can make $75,000 a year - the operative word being "can" as many bloggers are pointing out is not the same "will."

One picture every day for 17 years

I've seen all the futuristic architecture in Dubai but in my head it's all just concept drawings and construction sites. Seeing photos of an actual place that's actually finished (granted, they're publicity photos) brings a new reality to what they're doing over there.

The gadget blogs are buzzing about this Ferrari concept motorcycle. I think the best views are here but Luxist also has a nice gallery. I know it wouldn't happen if you were holding on and had your feet on the pegs, but it looks like the rider would slide right off the thing.

Sarah Silverman wants young, liberal Jews to go to Florida to tell their more conservative grandparents to vote for Obama. (Note: Sarah Silverman's brand of comedy is based on pushing politically incorrect or flat out offensive buttons. If you don't like that kind of humor, skip this one.)

Speaking of comedians, the Colbert/Stewart Entertainment Weekly cover was already being passed around by e-mail by the time I saw the link was also ascending in popularity.

Cool Wii commercial. You might have to watch it twice if you don't realize what's happening until the end.

Speaking of ads I appreciated, the UK's Hovis bread does a nice job here.

11 Weird and Wonderful Wedding Rings - I am both repulsed by and attracted to the idea of growing bone in a dish for non-medical purposes.

Using olives to put eyes on things isn't really a new idea, but using a straw to cut a hole and also cut the plug to fill the hole is a clever solution I haven't seen before.

The above led me to The Hungry Scientist site.

"American cell phone users are sending more text messages than they are making phone calls, according to a Nielsen Mobile survey released Monday." This makes total sense to me. My cell phone could be missing its ear speaker and I wouldn't even notice.

LeBron James loses at HORSE

The trailer for the coming Synedoche New York, the new Philip Seymour Hoffman movie. Hey, here it is in the msnbc.com player. I had heard we were going to carry more movie trailers. I guess that's begun. Cool.

Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.
"As between you and Google, you retain ownership of any intellectual and industrial property rights (including moral rights) you have in and to your submission."

Speaking of cool Google ideas, this is a clever way to compare candidates.

"Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and micro-blogging services." I think the idea is to search for yourself but it seems like it'd be a handy research tool for just about anything.

In case you're feeling down on the U.S. lately with all the Wall Street mess, take heart that we do relatively well on this global map of corruption.

It is a little known fact that Roger Ebert is bilingual. See question/answer #3. UPDATE: Oops, watch the moving link! It's here now. (Thanks Jason!)

"Drama Level is a free service that lets you anonymously report a drama queen/king to the rest of the world."

Is anyone else's mind blown by this new Canon camera? Full-frame, 21.1 megapixel, ISO 25600, shoots HD and SD video and an estimated body-only retail price of $2,699??