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No veep 'til...

— The Web is still awash in Palin discussion and parody. I can't even try to keep up with it (heck, I can't even muster the emotional strength to deal with comments in yesterday's post) but I have clicked a few noteworthy items -in no particular order or fairness:

Moving on...

"Enter the newest piece of Army gear: the Non–Line of Sight Launch System, already nicknamed 'missiles in a box.'" It's like calling in an air strike without needing to bother the Air Force. Point your laser and the missile comes at your command.

(Speaking of Popular Mechanics links, did you know that Popular Mechanics has an online motorcycle riding club?)

Speaking of motorcycles, holy yes yes yes yes! Is this really a wearable motorcycle or is it some kind of promo for that new Tron movie? This post has a photo of the inventor.

As long as we're on two wheels, unique bike photos.

The incredible tribal fashion show inspired by Mother Nature - Here's a further gallery, though I can't figure out how to get there from the site's home page so I can't tell if there's more.

This is what they call the "red band" trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno. In this case, the red band means it has (NOTE) unbleeped F-bombs and some sexual themes (but no actual nudity). I've noticed the movie generating a lot of hype but haven't paid very close attention. Now I see why it's expected to be such a funny hit.

Speaking of upcoming movies, did you see Cher may play Catwoman? Yes, I had the same reaction at first, but once I re-swallowed the vomit in my mouth I realized she could really be awesome in this role.

This Flickr love connection is a little corny but makes more sense when you look at their photos. His and hers.

A relatively random Commuter Click: George Orwell: Politics and the English Language - Even though he's speaking to a very different time, the things he says about writing and word selection are maybe more appropriate than ever. It's a little dense and not really a pleasure read so I wasn't going to mention it here but I'm amazed at how much it has stayed with me as I write and edit every day since I read it a week ago.

(After note: No one here in the cube farm caught the reference in my headline today. Anyone?)