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You're always richer than someone

— "Every year we gaze enviously at the lists of the richest people in world. Wondering what it would be like to have that sort of cash. But where would you sit on one of those lists? Here's your chance to find out." The point of this site is that it shows you how rich you are relative to the rest of the world. The average worldwide annual income is $5000, but that still puts you in the top 14.39% (the 863,571,764th richest person in the world).

Something we see all the time drawing viral clicks are packages of "amazing" photos. Amazing sky photos, amazing bug photos, amazing animal photos. All surely used in violation of copyright and often presented on sites you never heard of using the photo traffic to make easy money from adjacent ads. Boston.com has launched a series called Big Picture that copies that style of display. Rather that work out a fancy slide show tool or Flash player, it's just big pictures on a page.

Hulu adds The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. Of course, you can watch those shows on the Comedy Central site too, but it's hard to ignore the way Hulu is assembling all of this good stuff. How far are they from having a YouTube killer on their hands?

Speaking of Stephen Colbert, if there's one thing we've learned from his success it's that sarcasm is an effective way of communicating a political
message. That's the strategy behind the rapidly spreading ImVotingRepublican.com. The Republican counter to this cannot be far behind.

Speaking of Stephen Colbert, he won Person of the Year at last night's
Webby Awards and I was there to see it (hence no post last night). I've got gobs of photos and
some thoughts and reflections I'll try to have assembled shortly.

Sometimes it's hard to tell what's going to be a lasting meme and what's just a passing fad. I wouldn't have predicted it, but that Bill O'Reilly freak out seems to have some staying power - at least in the form of musical remixes.

The trailer for Transporter III makes this sequel look promising (or at least consistent with the others in the series). Why is the first look at this movie in French? Is this a French series?

The one thing missing from the coverage of the cloth-body BMW concept car is what it looks like with no cover at all. I want to see the skeleton.

This is the most foul public service advertisement I've ever seen. The idea is that if you don't donate your organs you're wasting them, essentially throwing them away - like a landfill full of, say, eyeballs. NOTE: I'm not kidding, this is gross.

How David Copperfield flies. Short Answer: Really thin ropes. Duh. Here he is doing the actual trick.

Fractal Scene: a robot building a robot building a robot...

With Mentos Kiss Fight no one can complain that the video game is too violent. It's like the street fighter games kind of except you kiss instead of hit.

Top Tourist Spots Americans Can't Visit - Some of them are "you can't go because you're American" but the list isn't as America-hating as it sounds.

Rethinking the cost of hybrid cars - Casual conversations about hybrid cars often involve ballpark figuring about whether hidden costs and practicalities make the cars as worthwhile as they seem. This article has a nice breakdown of costs. It'd be interesting to see a similar chart for the environmental impact of hybrids versus conventional cars.

Commuter Click: Is Google making us stupid?

This one's for the metal nerds in the Clicked readership, but the weirdest thing about this article about Metallica making more online enemies by playing games with music reviewers is that the photo of the Metallica member flipping the bird is Cliff Burton, the bassist who died before Metallica sold out.