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There's more than one way to breed a pig

— This photo set of miniature pigs is mostly just a novelty but I actually like the idea of a pet miniature pig so I did a little more digging to find out how close we are to buying them at the local mall. What I found was a fascinating article on the farmer's breeding strategy for producing these little pigs. I know some people think breeding for the selection of mutations is cruel, but it seems like this guy knew what he was doing.

Then again, see number 5 on this list of predictions for the future. Adios non-dog pets. I have 50 years to get in some mini-pig time before they're deemed to germy to keep.

The best bootleg YouTube clips I watched of the Kimbo fight Saturday are from this guy. My thoughts on the controversy: UFC would never let a guy get plonked for a full minute and a half like Kimbo did at the end of round 2. I didn't see any tapping from Kimbo and I don't think he's trained enough to produce that as a reflex. I think he'd just wait to get knocked out. Of course, fairness would have afforded that courtesy to James Thompson as well in the third round. I do think Thompson was headed for the darkness, even if his ear wasn't so alarmingly floppy and deflated (and bloody). I reckon Kimbo would have taken it by KO if there'd been no stoppage. (For those not aware of why this is a Clicked story, Kimbo Slice was a street fighting viral video phenom with a sizeable collection of sometimes sadistic videos of him pummeling chumps and losers in back yards and parking lots.) NOTE: If you're not familiar, Mixed Martial Arts fighting is a little more brutal than boxing and Kimbo's highlights reel is not recommended for anyone who doesn't have a taste for violence.

3 Ideas That Are Pushing the Edge of Science - "Sperm powered" may be one of the weirder phrases I've read in recent memory.

Fans rip Metallica a new one - Maybe I shouldn't be but I'm surprised so many people remember Metallica's crime against their fans. There are so many more people online today than there were then and so many young people online who never knew the old Napster I would have thought Metallica would get away with some backtracking on "being Webby."

Read at work - This is going to pull up a page that looks like your Windows login. You might even think at first that you've somehow crashed your machine or something. I think the idea is that they've hidden books in a frame that looks like what you might already have open at work. It's the opposite of NSFW. It'd be cool if it had a community aspect so others could upload to it and grow the library.

The Burn After Reading trailer (the new movie from the Coen Brothers) opens in iTunes for some reason but it's worth watching, either here or wherever you find it. NOTE: Brad Pitt says the S word a couple times with no bleep.

"Self-medication may be the reason the blogosphere has taken off." As funny as it would be if that sentence was meant to say that bloggers are all on drugs, the actual point is that venting through your blog may have real, scientifically verifiable benefits to one's health. I don't imagine the same could be said of reading blogs however.

"LastGraph lets you explore your last.fm listening history." I've seen a few of these tools that let you visualize your behavior. Self graphing is the new narcissism.

Speaking of free music, Top 15 Free Music Websites That You Will Want to Visit NOTE: For some reason this page gives me a login pop-up. I just close it and the page loads fine. I don't know what it's trying to get me to log into.

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do - Kind of like that list of things men should know how to do but gender neutral and more importantly with links to instructions on how to actually do the 50 things.

With underinflated tires eating up gas, where is the TWEEL? I never heard of the Tweel but I'm thinking it hasn't been brought to market because it doesn't look capable of supporting a car. The appearance alone might override and benefits of the functionality.

It's hard to know where to begin with this one but The Jawa Report has all the relevant links. A coalition of Web users has formed to attack anti-American online terrorist propaganda. In this case, YouTube videos and the users who post them.

This calls to mind a dust-up at the end of last week about a Web-based terrorist watchdog group that was accused/mistakenly reported to have confused a video game image with terrorist propaganda. Hopefully targeting terrorists remains targeting just terrorists.

Pink chewing gum sculptures - There's no real reason for this to be gross but it still kind of is.