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Surreal convergence

— From the mailbag:

Americablog today, as an old Monty Python fan it had me rolling.  Seems
like it's in your wheelhouse:

I'd been thinking for a while that this is what the Clinton campaign had boiled
down to.  Her speech last night was only missing a threat to bite his
kneecaps off.

Will adds: What makes this especially surreal for me is that John Cleese was booked to be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight and a couple of hours ago he walked past me, just a few feet away. It is very weird to suddenly look up and realize you're looking into the face of John Cleese. I said hello and he said hello back, as though I always pass John Cleese in the hall.  And then Dina sends the above clip. (And that's not to mention the sudden breaking of Clinton's current situation.) Whoa.

In other YouTube-isms, the new Weezer video is (yet another) tribute to Web memes. I enjoyed the video but I confess I'm suffering some meme-fatigue. No more "Chris Crocker as himself" cameos please.