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— "I'm Over Twitter" This blog entry leads off with a great graph of "The Novelty Curve" which is a good thing to keep in mind when you're facing the hype of new technology. For me, somewhere on the up-side of the curve would be "post to Clicked" and "develop extreme paranoia that you're the only one on Earth who doesn't get why this is a big deal." (This is only slightly less than my paranoia that I won't "get it" in time to then "get" the next big thing.)

Speaking of technology solving problems you didn't know you had, I like how this headline promises to "make running easier." What's next? A faster way to fall off a log?

But seriously, speaking of trying to find a use for Twitter, see Twitterholic. If you're trying to follow the advice of using Twitter to follow A-listers rather than draw a lot of followers yourself, this list of popular Twitter users might be a good place to find interesting people to follow. One thing I've learned about Twitter in the past week or so is that it makes a lot more sense when you watch someone use it well.

Speaking of it making more sense when you see it done right, this is a little late to get involved in now, but Colorwars is doing bingo - or what I imagine is actually massive multiplayer online roleplaying bingo.

Tooth Regeneration May Replace Drill-and-Fill - I'd like a nice list, or maybe a chart, of some kind that tells me what aspects of my health I should care about and what I can let go because we'll just grow me a new one when I burn it out in 50 years.

Just what the blogosphere needed: a new layer of paranoia. "A study, written for U.S. Special Operations Command, suggested 'clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers.'"
Hiring warbloggers seems like it wouldn't be necessary given how many bloggers there are that voluntarily support the military and/or argue on behalf of its actions.

Robin Williams' younger hottie girlfriend's art site.

Use "postage paid" envelopes to send heavy junk to junk mailers. The site says this is legal but I have my doubts. I do like the idea of using it to clear the house of junk though. I have some old batteries I haven't gotten around to recycling yet.

Leftover April Fool's story that almost made a fool of me: Fluegel's 'B-Flat' Starts on a Good Note (I saw John Cage perform live what amounted to not much more than a really long throat clearing, so I'm vulnerable to credulity when it comes to silly music ideas.)

April Fool's joke that looks like it made a fool of Vannah White: A bald Pat Sajak

A few weeks ago Jay Leno made a joke to a guest, asking him to make his "gayest look." Gay people didn't appreciate the suggestion that there's such a thing as looking gay and told Leno so with a certain universal non-verbal gesture. I had heard that Leno apologized but the toothpaste has already left the tube for MyGayestLook.com.

I'm glad I watched the NY Times interview with the guys who did the new Bjork video before I clicked the Encyclopedia Pictura video or it wouldn't have made quite as much sense.

Speaking of things Bjork has already done, I'm listening today to the top ten Radiohead fan remixes. The details are here if you'd like to make a remix yourself.

Still speaking of things Bjork already did, the notion that jeans are part of an American or Western uniform and are therefore to be avoided is also something I believe Bjork has asserted. ADDING: Here it is: "She would never wear jeans and a T-shirt, she says, because they are 'a symbol of white American imperialism, like drinking Coca-Cola'." I really like Bjork and I wear jeans (and I'm a white American) so I guess we have kind of a Rev. Wright relationship.

Everywhere I turned today people were talking about Oliver Stone's upcoming George W. Bush movie, "W."

Here's a great video game review of outside. Not "Outside" but the actual outside, that place you might go if you weren't playing video games. (Note: the link isn't wrong, I'm pointing to a comment in an almost unrelated thread.

One of my favorite news memes: Mystery creatures from the deep!

Speaking of music, my friend Matt won a quick round of ridiculous guitar video poker by topping my two guitar Tetris theme with some four-handed bluegrass.