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Do yourself a favor...

— Pundits and talking heads are already gushing over Obama's speech this morning about race and religion. I just happened to be on Andrew Sullivan's blog when it ended:

"This searing, nuanced, gut-wrenching, loyal, and deeply, deeply
Christian speech is the most honest speech on race in America in my
adult lifetime. It is a speech we have all been waiting for for a
generation. Its ability to embrace both the legitimate fears and
resentments of whites and the understandable anger and dashed hopes of
many blacks was, in my view, unique in recent American history."

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. We've got the text transcript up already. I just heard that our video team is in the process of putting up the whole video (it's pretty long), I'll add a link to that shortly.

HERE IT IS: Way better quality than that crappy YouTube version.

Later... Aw man...