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Lies, damn lies and video searching

— Speaking of mainstream TV that everyone's talking about online, Fox no doubt got what it was aiming for with its lie detector show "Moment of Truth" when a contestant admitted to cheating on her husband, among other things, for a shot at winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Justice prevails in the end.)

The story in the Post answers some of the questions I had about why the husband didn't just walk off the stage.

More interesting to many Clicked readers (because of course we're above being interested in base reality show scandal) is the Red Lasso video service on which the Moment of Cuckolding clip is hosted. I haven't requested a membership yet, but from the silent instructional video they offer I see they're like a Tivo clip cutting service.

You search for a time range, find the segment you're looking for and cut it to the specific clip you want. From there it behaves like a YouTube video. It's a great idea and the service itself seems pretty good. I can't imagine how they get away with it legally but maybe once they show off what they can do they'll get buy-in from the content providers (or bought-out by the content providers).

As long as we're trying to be highbrow about lying, "find the lie" is a fascinating idea in making students pay attention to class lectures.