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That NIU shooter

— There was some interest in the cube farm this morning about what could be found online about this latest university shooter Steven Kazmierczak.

His online trail is a bit of a jumble and a lot of links are going deal with the curiosity traffic but here's what I've found so far.

Odd Culture has a really big picture of him. It looks like it comes from the high school yearbook photo on this newspaper site.

A lot of the info I'm seeing posted on blogs is a copy of the contents of his entry in the campus phone directory.

This blogger has a nice round-up of links and explains that he used the user name in that phone directory brings him to this LiveJournal account. I'm skeptical that it's certain it's not related to this case. (Indeed it's a hazard of blindly searching for references to the name that random things come up that might fit a sensational big picture but really there's no way of knowing. I mean, what the heck is this?) ADDING: Steve Huff has a nice collection of links and points out in a note at the end that Steve Kazmierczak is a more common name than you might think, resulting in a lot of false or dubious hits in Web searches, like the above LiveJournal link.

The shooter apparently co-authored a paper on parasuicides the criminological term for prison self-injury. Here's the abstract.

This site mentions he won a Deans Award two years ago but the link is down at the moment. The site also has a nice eyewitness interview video.

And he was the vice president of the Academic Criminal Justice Association.

He sounds surprisingly sane in his post on a PayPal complaint forum. Also not particularly crazy in this ACA bio.

Wow, this more recent photo from the AP looks very different from his high school photo.

I know people often have objections to researching criminals for fear of glorifying them. To my mind, the point of looking into a person like this is to see if there is any way to make sense of the act. For those looking for some of the online representations of the victims, I clicked this Ryanne Mace tribute site on Facebook and Julianna Gehant's impressive friends list. I'll add more in a bit as I try some more deliberate searching. Let me know if you have any links to add.

UPDATE: Even the Chicago Tribune, whose coverage is outstanding, doesn't have much on the victims at this point beyond a couple of photos and brief bios.