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Got a license for that spoon?

Awesome food fight spoons - Also funny, temporary tattoo lines for writing on your hands

Speaking of food fights, I don't know what the deal is with Coolio's cooking show. I guess this new video site is paying him to do it, and to that end it's working because I'm seeing the link (and helping to spread it). I wonder if it was Coolio's idea. NOTE: Unrestrained cursing. Also, I couldn't pause the little ad at the intro so there's a bit of an auto-play panic situation to get to the volume button.

That 90 Day Jane fake suicide blog made a bigger splash than I realized. People are still trying to figure out who she is. "Jane's" mention of the TV reporter committing suicide on the air had some of us in the cube farm talking about public suicides. Gawker rounds up a few of them at the end of this item.

Speaking of atheists, "Atheist Sees Image of Big Bang in Piece of Toast"

Speaking of significant religious events, there's something odd about the phrase "World's biggest Christ."

Marketers Salivate Over Lickable Ads - There's no way you're getting me to lick an ad. This has public health disaster written all over it. And there's no way I'm going to touch the People magazine next time I'm in a waiting room.

I was playing in Newsvine this morning and saw they have banner ads for Newser.com. Lots of cool an interesting ideas about displaying the news here.

"The Mayor of London confirmed today that drivers of 4x4s and high emissions vehicles will be hit by a £25 charge every time they enter central London." This is a pretty fascinating article because the original idea behind congestion charging was about traffic, not pollution. The system for knowing whether your car is a polluter looks pretty complicated, though I imagine you go to a service station, get your emissions tested and they give you a sticker declaring your car's "band."

There was some fuss here this morning as producers tried to decide what to do about the web version of Jane Fonda's appearance on the Today show in which she said the C word. Gawker has the uncensored clip and frankly she barely said the word and the context was about as appropriate as you can get for a word like that. It looks like Today shot a second version of the interview for the West Coast broadcast. It's ironic that they spend so much time talking about how it used to be forbidden to say the word vagina on television while the elephant in the room is that it's still forbidden to say the C word on television. (Admittedly it's an apples and oranges comparison but similar since the whole question this morning was what is allowed/appropriate on television.) ADDING: Here's how they handled the original interview, cutting a bit out rather than an annoying beep. Also, I should point out the Today show apologized to viewers who were offended.

Speaking of the potential for offense, as a white person I found "Stuff White People Like" to be really funny, even though the "stuff" isn't especially remarkable.

My Blueberry Nights trailer - This is the movie with Nora Jones in the female lead role. Looks a bit too sappy for me, but just from the trailer it looks like Natalie Portman puts in another outstanding performance. She's the real deal.

"When is a Hollywood celebrity big enough to require special legal protection not available to little people?" This article is about a proposed new law that would require paparazzi keep a certain distance away from celebrities - like a paparazzi restraining order. I'd love to see what process is put in place to assess whether someone is a big enough celebrity to qualify for the law. Number of Google hits? Average market value of an unflattering bikini photo? Would celebs have to re-register every few years to make sure they're not has-beens?

Though I'm pleased to be young enough to know what Quidditch is, I'm embarrassed to say I had no idea people were actually playing it on a regular basis. Not the real Harry Potter game, of course, but a seriously ridiculous version thereof. Again, I'm behind the curve on this, but USA Today had a big item on it and I guess it's big on college campuses. If you don't click any of the links in this item, give this video a few seconds just to confirm how truly silly it is.

"Only a month or so after Apple announced its MacBook Air laptop, which it calls the world's thinnest laptop, Lenovo is about to spring its own super-skinny machine: the ThinkPad X300." Tech reviews aren't really my field, but just last night I was remarking that it's difficult to know whether it's a good idea to buy a laptop right now because soon they'll all be solid state ultra thin, ultra cool, longer life, less battery draining, so it may be best to wait. Then this morning my cubemate was saying she's willing to overlook the MacBook Air shortcomings and here we see she may not have to.

Bill Gates gets 8000 Facebook friends requests a day.

Top 9 unique structures soon to be built

The entire Web has been virtually quivering with anticipating for a new game by Sims creator Will Wright called Spore. Apparently the gameplay will be unlike anything else ever - from the descriptions I've read, the point is to evolve your character from soup to space. The projected release date for the game was recently announced like a clap of thunder as September 7. Wired got some pictures of what it's going to look like. Expect much hype.

Getting Fired At Yahoo: A Twitter Log - Remarkable mostly for how well it captures the typical experience. If you were writing fiction with a character that gets laid off, this would be a good reference.

Google's holding a "Google Doodle" logo contest for schools K-12. Hook 'em while they're young.

Videos you didn't know were staged - Some of these I never heard of in the first place but overall, seeing a collection of these, I'm getting a bit of a sour feeling about these fake-amateur viral campaigns. Dear marketers, just make something clever; don't try to make me feel like an idiot for being duped by an ad campaign. I'm beginning to resent it.