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The simple life

— Most of the time my workflow is such that any good links I find can wait until I've got a nice pile of them before I post them to Clicked. Every now and then, however, there's a you-gotta-see-this link than can't wait for me to get my act together to be shared.

This is Van Halen's Running with the Devil with everything stripped away except David Lee Roth's vocal track. In itself it's stellar and a true jewel for da-na-na air guitar Beavis and Buttheads everywhere but as the meat in a remix sandwich it's a true work of art.

Other low hanging fruit:

This is a parody music video by the folks who made that Obama video. They give the same treatment to John McCain but with an anti-war twist.

As Josh Marshall points out here, Huckabee's fate in Washington State is ultimately a nonstarter, but the story of how he was/is being railroaded is pretty amazing.

And Cannon Challenge is a familiar but fun game. I played it with the mute button on.