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Controversy at every click

— Metafilter explains the International Pancake Day controversy - though I'm still not sure why voting conflicts with pancake eating. I always thought Pancake Day was something IHOP made up, like one of those Hallmark holidays but then a colleague who grew up in Ireland stopped by and explained that not only did they celebrate Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) but he was shocked to come to America and find that we eat pancakes all the time, not just once a year. Yes my friend, American truly is a paradise.

Speaking of controversies I wasn't aware of, apparently it's a problem that Jessica Alba isn't as "Latin" as her name and pigmentation might imply. Compounding the problem (for some) is her appearance on the cover of Latina Magazine.

And as long as we're being controversial, this statutory rape public service ad campaign has caused some controversy as well. The idea is obviously that it's sick to sexualize young girls. I find the ad a little weird and unfortunately not as effective as a single photo of JonBenet Ramsey or, frankly, just about any image from a child beauty pageant.

Speaking of beauty pageants, don't ask why, but I was looking for an explanation for a recent Google Trends spike in searches for "butt glue" and read this insightful piece about participating in a teen beauty pageant.

Google teams with Twitter on a Super Tuesday real time map. So far it's not as informative as they probably imagined. It's like a chat room on a map. (Details)

Remember that video of the bird pooping into the reporter's mouth on live TV? Turns out it was fake. What's weird is that it was fake on many levels. It was a fake news report that was part of a commercial - a fake commercial for a brand of soda - a fake brand of soda. After clicking around a while, the best I can understand is that it was a comedy stunt. I blame the writers' strike.

SMS opens doors to toilets in some rest areas - By the headline I thought this was a stupid gimmick but in fact it makes total sense. They have a problem with vandalism at highway rest stops so they make the bathrooms essentially require phone number as a means of keeping people accountable enough to discourage vandalism. I imagine there are "police state" criticisms or "digital divide" criticisms but at a theory it's exactly why sites like Newsvine require registration to participate. Just that little bit of accountability is enough to discourage some of the reckless behavior that comes with anonymity.

Sometimes it can seem like technology exists to help us find new ways to kill ourselves. Case in point: iShoes. There are a few videos on YouTube, but in this one you can hear the sound the shoes make.

But then there's the truly helpful technology that can restore our faith in inventiveness. Behold, the Col-Pop chicken nuggets soda cup. (Don't miss the video.)

Unlike the Col-Pop, the utility of a custom tooth cap eludes me. What would be the purpose of a Hello Kitty tooth cap? I don't mean to say everything needs a purpose, but is there anything that could be done with caps that have custom horizontal surfaces? Like chomping down at the bottom of a hand written letter to give it your personally embossed seal?

The Bunker 77 trailer. NOTE: I think I might have seen a bare breast in the montage. It's fleeting, however. And someone says B.S.

I found out only too late about a Shepard Fairey Obama poster. I know I'm posting a disproportionate number of Obama links lately, but he has the most creative supporters. (Sorry Chuck.)