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Time and time again

— The Improv Everywhere guys executed another mission. They got 207 people to walk into Grand Central Station and freeze for 5 minutes. As fun as that sounds, they have some real guts to pull that off because as far as I know there are still military security officers in there with assault rifles. The last thing I'd want to do is make one of those people nervous with a weirdo stunt. The question you have to ask yourself is if everyone around you suddenly froze, how much consideration would you give to explanation of a science fiction nature?

Speaking of playing with time, Modeling time travel in fiction - It outlines all the different ways that fiction authors have conceived of time.

User Skills Improving, But Only Slightly - I imagine Clicked readers are pretty far ahead of most of the population in terms of their ability to use the Web, but in case you've wondered why there isn't more pushing of the envelope when it comes to Web design, the survey results outlined here show just how much catching up many people have to do. Earlier today I saw a guy on CNBC talking about how many millions of people are still paying 20 bucks a month (or whatever) to AOL because they just haven't gotten around to upgrading yet.

I was only casually following the story of the underwater cables suddenly ceasing to provide internet access to India and several Arab countries. But then it turned out the explanation that a boat anchor had cut the cables was wrong and no right answer has yet been offered in its place. And now a fourth cable is "cut" (or at least, not working) and in spite of assurances to the contrary, conspiracy theories are forming. So now I'm paying attention. It's interesting, though not necessarily surprising, that the conspiracy theories involve the U.S. and/or Israel cutting the cables. To me that sounds ridiculous - my mind went immediately to fundamentalist terrorists, perhaps an equally ridiculous idea to someone from that culture. Still, attacking the physical structure of the Internet is one of those "if the terrorists really wanted to make a mess of things" items that makes me skeptical about how hard terrorists are actually trying.

Speaking of ridiculous, "Three legislators want to make it illegal for restaurants to serve obese customers in Mississippi."

"I'd like to make weekend plans with you and your husband."

Reuters sends me these slide shows a few times a day. Check out number 7 of France's Nicolas Sarkozy with his new wife canoodling in a cafe. That's their president. To my fellow Americans, can you imagine if we had a president who canoodled in cafes?

Did you bother to go to GoDaddy.com to look at the Danica Patrick video they teased during the Super Bowl? It's here. Pretty cheap joke.

How To Shave Like Your Grandpa - I've never had a wet shave or a straight razor shave but I do love a good ritual that comes with cool, purpose-specific equipment. (Oh, and no "speaking of" intended.)

Speaking of feeling like grandpa, this is what skateboard tricks used to look like (to say nothing of skateboard clothes).

Speaking of throwbacks, when was the last time you saw a successful Googlebomb campaign?

Instapaper sounds like a Commuter Click tool. You're meant to send your links there for later consumption when you have time read them. (Of course, to be a true Commuter Click tool there'd have to be a big print button on it.) Sign-up is just a single field. My personal workflow is to paste URLs into a Notepad doc that I think mail to myself over and over as I blog the links and work from home. The advantage here is that as long as you have Web access you have access to your list.

I laughed in spite of myself at this list of terrible CNN.com headlines.

Failblog appears to be creating a new mash-up genre mixing Pwned photos and LOLCats.

The 2008 Webbie awards are on. Always a good way to find new popular blogs.

Skin color map for indigenous people (Cool site with lots of interesting stuff. Check out this list.)

Skeletons of cartoon characters (not really new but a linkjacked version was popular recently). Not to be confused with these cartoon character skeletons.