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With friends like these, who needs strangers?

Five steps to good twittiquette - Something I can't get my head around with Twitter is that you don't have to actually be friends with the people you follow. For some reason I think of it as a fancy Instant Messenger and I can't imagine adding someone to my IM buddy list who I don't know. But if people are dealing with thousands of followers, clearly they're not expecting to befriend them all. A better analogy is probably subscribing to an RSS feed (that happens to work two ways) but at least you can do that anonymously. Contrary to the spectacle I make of myself on a regular basis, I prefer faceless lurking to social declarations. (I should add that the reason I care about this is that I feel like a lot of the online discussion is moving to new areas that are not monitored by the aggregators and memetrackers I use in writing Clicked. Lately I've been trying to find a good way to assess "the buzz" on Twitter. That may mean adding another memetracker -like the newly launched TweetMeme- to my regular reading, but I'm getting the feeling that following a few significant individuals may be more fruitful.)

It's hard to imagine how to make a cooler video than slow motion exploding skateboard tricks that are nearly disastrous and in a few cases apparently injurious.

Everyone is marveling at this 360 panorama of the cockpit of an Airbus 380.

Last night's State of the Union address in 60 seconds. (Not one of those bunny animations.)

I played with Woonz a little this morning. Not unlike SeeqPod, you search for songs or artists and it finds mp3s on the Web and presents them in a player. Fewer features than SeeqPod but it had a download button for the songs instead of adding to a proprietary playlist, so you can take the songs more easily out of their player. Hard to ignore the likelihood that someone is getting ripped off somewhere along the way here.

The True Cost of SMS Messages - He basically does some reductive and comparative math to show the mark-up on texting. Looks like the kind of senseless greed that makes the market ripe for the runaway success of an alternative.

I can't get over how bizarre the relationship is between Britney and her attending photographers. With one more layer of "meta" this whole thing could be a reality show. It's amazing that we actually know the names of some of the paparazzi now and they're making pseudo-celebrities of themselves by stumbling in front of their own cameras.

Wool "stone" furniture (I also clicked this blog's post on a sick Mazda concept car.)

Brattleboro to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney - Can you imagine such a thing? I'm not sure I can. Obviously an arrest could never happen but what actually would happen? Police road blocks versus Black Hawk helicopters?

20 Tools for preparing for your death online - Morbid, but useful I guess.

I just caught Mishare featured on CNBC. It allows you to share stuff between iPods. Cool. (Oops, the first time I clicked it, it loaded, the second time, the site is crashed, so I guess I'm not the only one who was impressed by that segment. Half of Wall Street probably just hit the site.)

The Edublogger is offering a series of instructions on Web basics. Looks like it's part of this larger site for Edublogs Magazine.

Speaking of Web basics, check out this cool graphic that shows what happens after you hit the "publish" button on your blog.

Southern racists adopt "Canadian" as a euphemism for "black."

"Here's how the offices of web 2.0 companies look like." Maybe it's because I've recently changed offices but I found myself unexpectedly interested in what it looks like to work at these places.

Whatever you do, don't look the Google in the eye! (Brief clever video.)