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No laughing matter

Mostly light fare today as the compressed week seems to have lengthened my list of errands and meetings.

The Web's biggest unspoken truth is that for all the LOLs typed and texted, almost no one is actually laughing out loud. Replacing this "false lolling" with the more honest and accurate LOI (laughing on the inside) is a cause we should all be able to support.

Romney wins the black vote with his expert use of colloquial African-Americanisms. NOTE: you might want to do some stretching before watching this because you could cringe hard enough to give yourself a cramp or pull a muscle.

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Mass Attack balancing game - I can't decide if there's any skill in assessing whether two little balls equal one big ball. By skill I mean outside of this game. If I'm good at this game, do I have a heightened sense of volume/area or is it just a matter of getting the hang of the game?

"A cargo ship pulled by a giant, parachute-shaped kite will leave Germany on Tuesday on a voyage that could herald a new "green" age of commercial sailing on the high seas." (The whole story in a diagram.) Not only is this a good idea but if it catches on it'll turn shipping ports into a pretty amazing spectacle.

Some inventions are too cool for their own good. I have absolutely no use for a ring pistol but these photos make me covetous. A sure recipe for trouble and regret.

Pownce, the Twitter killer whose managing team includes Digg's Kevin Rose launched yesterday.

I lost a lot of time yesterday playing with timelines at Viygo. I had a struggle with some of its functionality but on the whole I love the idea. It's odd that in all the enthusiasm for mashing up maps there wasn't a corresponding explosion in timeline apps.

Jerry O'Connell does a great spoof of the Tom Cruise Scientology video in this video supporting striking writers.

Gawker fleshes out a point that may have already been floating around in your mind. The web has been bad news for Scientology.

Wow, did you ever see the raw video of the Empire State Building jumper? As I recall he ended up suing for not being allowed to jump. The audio is pretty good. The guy sounds like a real tool.

Amazing Backflip Wrestling Move - They played this on my local news the other day. I'd love to know how reliably it can be executed. What's the likelihood of falling on your face and snapping your neck?

For those too young to remember, this is what a recession looks like - Even if you're not buying into recession hysteria, it's well written.

One Quintillion Pennies

"As of today, you can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the Last.fm website."

Thing-a-day invites you to make something every day for the month of February.

Speaking of "Day"s, Delete Your MySpace Account Day is January 30th.

World's largest swimming pool - At some point "pool" must cross over into manmade lake. I'd love to see the machinery they use to keep it clean.

Popular web sites cast as characters at a party - Your monitor has to be big enough to be able to read their nametags. How funny you find this depends on how much personality you assign to the Web's major sites. NOTE: Some cursing.

Woman caught on camera sunbathing on Mars

This plane doesn't exist. - I'm always amazed at how much good stuff comes out of Airliners.net. (Random digression: I often think it's odd that news sites -and newspapers for that matter- don't feature a military news section or a faith news section. Given the amount of air travel, shipping, security and other air-related news, I wonder if there wouldn't be enough content to support an "air" section.)

Horror, blood and gore effects tutorials - They're individual tutorials on the horror theme from different sites collected in one place.

That video of Amy Winehouse smoking crack