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Geneticists Discover a Way to Extend Lifespans to 800 Years - What's weird about this research is that it's phrased as though humans would naturally live much longer if only it weren't for a couple of genes that promote aging. I've read other studies about reduced calories and longevity. In my head I'd understood it to mean you get more life out of the engine when you run it less. Makes sense. But this study seems to be suggesting that reducing calorie intake does more than just run the engine less, it causes these couple of pro-aging genes to signal less (or more poorly?) and that's what extends the lifespan.

If you know anything about genetics at all you're smarter than I am on this subject so I appreciate anyone's input on whether I'm understanding this correctly.

I lost some of my morning this morning to this guy's photos.

Speaking of getting lost in photos, the Library of Congress is putting huge numbers of photos on Flickr. "Out of some 14 million prints, photographs and other visual materials at the Library of Congress, more than 3,000 photos from two of our most popular collections are being made available on our new Flickr page, to include only images for which no copyright restrictions are known to exist."

Why it's a bad idea to be a dick to people at your company's annual product show ADDING NOTE: Wow, you know you're a nerd when you don't even notice you're linking to a blog about sex. This link is basically clean but clicking through to the home page or any of the links in the side columns could get you to some nakedness. Sorry to anyone who had to find that out on their own. Thanks to Lydia for bringing it to my attention.

How to Write a Novel in Two Months - It's strange to see this kind of advice because it really comodifies the book and writing process generally but there's still good advice here in terms of preparation and even just getting words on the page that you might eventually go back and re-work once you've flushed your brain of a block.

Yahoo implements OpenID - You'll recall this is an idea to get rid of the problem of having a different login for every site you visit. Adding the Yahoo user base to the cause is a big boost.

Time Warner tests Internet usage-based billing - This would be the one thing that would make me finally lock my wireless - sorry freeloading neighbors. As a Time Warner customer I look forward to any specifics on how much bandwidth one has to eat to produce a really regrettable bill.

Weirdest excuse ever. The Department of Justice can't send press releases to Talk Points Memo anymore because their e-mail address list is full.

Top 8 Most Amazing Tree Houses

I've seen the ad for Anthony Bourdain's new show a million times but I haven't watched it yet. I see his blog getting some link attention.

What Jupiter sounds like. Apparently they're electromagnetic vibrations that are translated into sound. Sounds about what a huge planet in space should sound like though.

Stan Lee tribute art

Why I'm doomed to forever be a jeans & t-shirts guy.

The Disintegrator - a 288-band, 40-round-per-second rubber ban machine gun. (I know what you're thinking but at least they're 7 really cool seconds.)