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Ready for your close-up?

— Is it paranoid or reasonable to worry about how you're going to look on YouTube if the security tape that's recording you getting robbed right now is published online? The funny thing is that by attacking the robber he probably made a better video than if he'd just stood back with his hands up. Maybe the secret isn't to make yourself look good but to try to be as boring as possible at all times so no one would ever want to share a video of you. I've seen stats on the likelihood that a security camera is capturing your image at any given time in particular cities or neighborhoods but I don't think anyone's managed to calculate the likelihood that any given action you take will be published on a video sharing site. (Thanks Michele.)

The Machine Girl trailer has Web clickers sputtering at the sheer density of coolness. Just as you say, "Aw, yeah" you have to interrupt yourself to say, "Aw YEAH." NOTE: Contains lots of blood spray, which I don't regard as unsafe for work but some people would want to be warned.

Less exciting: An Alien v. Predator sequel

The 25 Coolest (and Most Unconventional) Keyboards

"Holy Grail" of Graffiti Uncovered Amidst Condo Conversion - I know it's a pretty narrow audience that cares about graffiti art, but I was impressed at the idea of finding valuable and historic art on a wall in the course of construction.

Insane Car Battery Hack! A great parody of that string of DIY videos we saw of people cutting open batteries to find little batteries inside.

The Mountain Dew Christmas Tree - No virtual worlds or games or contests but totally user generated and totally cool and even a little trendy to the extent that DIY projects are popular online.

The N.Y. Times item about whether high school boys who have sex with their female teachers are really the victims of abuse is showing up paired with this global map of the average age of virginity loss. I think it's male and female combined.

Wikipedia's alternative explanations for the origin of the term "w00t" make more sense to me than the gaming (we own other team) explanation relayed by the Merriam-Webster folks.

The Facebook Marketing Bible - This is from the Facebook people so it's a little self-promotional, but in the same way that the viral video article the other day blew the lid off the idea of simply uploading a video to YouTube and watching it go viral, this shows that there's much more to Facebook marketing than just having a profile in the system.

"An A&E Billboard 'Whispers' a Spooky Message Audible Only in Your Head in Push to Promote Its New 'Paranormal' Program" As creepy and Minority Report as it sounds, I think that focused audio technology is neat. I'd love to see an outdoor dance club that is silent to the outside observer but everyone on the dance floor hears their own audio beam.

Google's 2007 Year-end Zeitgeist - I don't know if sociologists would agree but these stats feel like looking into the heart of mankind.