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I leave my blog to carry on

A new-to-me term we're definitely going to hear more often: Future-safe archives. When bloggers die, what happens to their Web content? It happens all the time on Clicked that in the immediate aftermath of newsworthy death we'll swoop in for a bit of insight, but what about longer term online legacies?

BoingBoing features a story about aerosolized pig brains being hazardous to your health and BoingBoing commenters have a field day.

Crestock's Photoshop Contest 2007 winners are transporting to say the least. Everyone seems to be linking to Round 2 because the winners were announced recently but scrolling back through the blog has some fun images to find.

Speaking of photo trickery, Photojojo today features how to use a lens from a pair of glasses as a fisheye lens for your camera. "The thicker the better."

Folks who've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Tesla electric cars to the road will be interested to see work taking place on the company's first store.

Pretty much every xkcd comic ends up on the front page of Reddit and the cartoonist himself has been celebrated as a geek icon. Today's makes me realize that there's a whole new generation for whom "it's complicated" is sufficient definition of their relationship status. Gone are the days of "do you like like him or just like him?"

"Litroenergy is a patent pending designed light source material that emits light for 12 plus years- without electricity or sun exposure!" The last sentence is the best: "It's not the most harmful radioactive thing, but yes there have been some incidences in the past where the workers were poisoned who dealt with it." No prob! How can I strap it to my child?

My NBC colleagues have signed a deal with a service called SanDisk called Fanfare. I never heard of Fanfare or Take TV so I searched around to play with them. The idea is that you go to the Fanfare site where their partners' shows are listed. You download the shows you want onto the Take TV device, which is basically a fancy flash drive. Then you plug your Take TV into an adapter that is plugged into your TV and that's how you watch TV content from the Web on your TV. I only bothered to click this item because I think thumb drives would be a cool way to distribute content. I think it'd be huge if NBC offered the first two seasons of Heroes on USB flash drives encased in collectable Heroes action figures, for example. I think I've already shared my idea that bands should release music on cool little thumb drive sculptures instead of on CD. All that said, I don't really understand why Take TV is a good idea. If I want to watch Web video on my TV, I run video and audio lines out of my machine and into my TV, basically treating my TV like a giant monitor. Isn't that better than needing a middle-man device?

Speaking of middle-man devices, I see Vudu is going to offer TV too. That long-standing open question of which medium will eat the other: will we watch TV on the Web or surf the Web on TV seems to be looking for an answer in these ambassador devices.

Google has expanded its Street View to 8 more cities. If you live in one of them it's time to go check and make sure you weren't picking your nose on the sidewalk when the Google van drove by.

Breaking: VOIP on iPod Touch - The technicals of this go way over my head, but if someone is doing it, eventually someone will put it in a nice bundle. You'll recall the iPod Touch can surf the Web via wifi. If only it had a mic, you could make VOIP calls on it and have something like an iPhone without having to deal with a phone service provider. The aftermarket is working on it.

Just as I was considering giving Second Life another chance because of Mark Glaser's recent essay, I read one of those ridiculous over-reaching predictions that makes me want to dismiss the whole thing. "Dr Castronova, who has written a book on the subject entitled Exodus To The Virtual World, drew parallels to the 1600s when thousands of people left Britain for a new life in North America." Tsk, please.

6 Online Tools for Text to Speech you would not want to miss

Per Denny's comment on the Colorado shooter, after the Omaha shooter I saw Glenn's remarks on how the mall's "gun free" status left shoppers and workers unprotected from the rampage. They're followed here with more thoughts on the idea of making places that ban guns liable for the protection of people who shop there. (Glenn is a well establish gun rights advocate so he was a first click for me on the subject.) To Denny's point, here's Glenn's round-up on Assam. And I'll add that while I do think the story's coverage would have been different if it has happened on a week day (there's a difference between bias and the realities of news coverage), it's bound to make the heads of folks like Denny and Glenn explode to see that the hero headline went to the unarmed man who shouted insults instead of the armed woman who actually ended the ordeal. I know that's partly because they've got video of the guy, but the story of what she did is really remarkable.