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Been there, clicked that

The New York Times Magazine's Year in Ideas was published yesterday. I'm pleased with how many of them surfaced in Clicked over the course of the year.

Playing this morning: The Phish channel on imeem. I read that they'd completed their collection of major label deals so I signed up for a quickie account and tried a few of the suggested links. The full free playlist is down the left column a bit, not at the top center like you might expect. Next in the queue is Portal because I had this song in my head all weekend. (AFTER NOTE: None of the songs I found are like really like this one. Either I didn't find the right band or that song is an anomaly in their catalog.) (AFTER AFTER NOTE: Ok, I'm an idiot. Portal is a game, not a band. The song was written by Jonathan Coulton so now I'm listening to his playlist. By the looks of his site he's a fun performer. I love the series of photos from the performer's perspective.

Man proposes to girlfriend via Zune - It never occurred to me that the modern equivalent of the mix tape might be a pre-loaded mp3 player.

120 Self Promotion Ideas for Graphic Designers & Freelancers (Free or Almost Free) - I decided to include this one because self-promotion is the key to success in so many fields and most of these ideas aren't necessarily design specific.

In case being part micro-owner of a Football Club wasn't your thing, but you still want to participate in the group management of a company, Premium Cola may be just your thing.

Commuter Click: Atul Gawande with a look inside intensive care. I've interviewed him a couple times for books he's published.  He does a good job revealing what the medical industry is really like.

The Wind Dam sounds more like a wind funnel. As much as I like the idea of taking advantage of naturally windy spots, but stringing up a huge sheet like that gives me pause.

While looking for more info on the odd new Japanese fashion trend of dressing in medical bandages I found out that I just missed the 12th Robo-One Grand Championship. How come Battlebots was never this cool?

The Secret Strategies Behind Many "Viral" Videos - "The members of my startup are hired guns – our clients give us videos and we make them go viral. Our rule of thumb is that if we don't get a video 100,000 views, we don't charge."

Hot in Google search right now: thermohaline circulation - The problem with Google trends is that it's not always easy to see what's causing the spike in popularity. Thermohaline circulation is the name of the churning of the ocean that results from different temperatures and salinity in the water. What it looks like to me is that the recent hurricane forecast says we're in an active hurricane cycle because thermohaline circulation is in the midst of a long term increase trend. But we've been warned that one of global warming's most catastrophic consequences is or will be a slowdown in thermohaline circulation. Can it be both ways? I appreciate anyone with some expertise weighing in on this one. ADDING: As it happens I have an oceanographer in the family. He speculates some of the hype is the result of a major geophysics meeting this week in San Francisco.

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