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Don't shunt the stunt

— I didn't get a chance to read this piece bashing the idea of a YouTube debate before the actual debate but we've already looked at reasons why soliciting questions from the public is ultimately a meaningless stunt. But given what we know now this sentence has a whole different meaning: "As Republican presidential contenders brace for Wednesday's CNN-YouTube debate, the executive in charge of the event is unapologetic about his decision to put mainstream journalists in charge of deciding which user-contributed YouTube videos the candidates will actually face on the air." I wonder if he wishes he'd let the stunt play itself out now.

At first I didn't understand the point of the Democrats' Flipper TV.  Why archive an opposing party's candidates' stump speeches? But it looks like the point is to help bloggers spot that "macaca moment" that could derail an opposing candidate.

FoodTube - Exactly what you think it is.

Watchmen is nearly here. Getting a peek at photos of the set(s) created a stir online.

Video: Blogs in Plain English - I imagine most Clicked readers know what a blog is but if you don't or particularly if someone you know doesn't and you've been struggling to explain it, this does a good job in three minutes. This whole series is handy that way.

Tag Heuer plans watch phone for 2008

Online Consumer-Generated Reviews Have Significant Impact on Offline Purchase Behavior - We all know this already but I wanted to relay the funny story of choosing a restaurant for a special occasion and my wife chose one that she'd been wanting to go to even though it had some bad reviews in Menupages. It took a surprising amount of mental will to ignore those reviews even though they were by strangers whose taste (not to mention sanity) is unknown to me. Weird.

Here's a new one to me: Google poisoning - Hackers use search engine optimization tricks to get their junk sites to show up in your search results.

Not only is Definr an incredibly fast dictionary but it's faster to type than Dictionary.com, which is what I usually use. (And no pop-ups.)

"This is a guide that we have build for people to use to lose weight by playing Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii." Here's the introductory entry. As far as I know, Mickey DeLorenzo is the original Wii weight loss guy.

South Jersey Rock Festival to Rival Bonnaroo - One of my fondest college memories is spending a few days at England's Glastonbury Festival. In fact, I was just thinking of it the other day when I saw the Today show looking for people who are daring enough not to shower for three days. I must have gone 4 days that weekend and lived on beef jerky, Pop Tarts and truck food to boot.

An old clock in a national monument is broken. Enthusiasts get together, build a secret workshop in the national monument, fix the clock and then reveal their work to officials.

Ted and Anna get engaged on the set of Scrubs

I managed 95% on the booze test. I answered all but 2 on the first clue and those two on the second.

The International Space Station and the Shuttle Atlantis pass in front of the sun. (Your browser may resize this to fit your screen. See if you can make it the original size for most impressive viewing.)

A Big List of Sites That Teach You How To Do Stuff

The Smoking Gun has some information on the producer of that Two Girls One Cup video. I'm more interested in someone interviewing the women in the video. Even if the only question is, "What were you thinking???"

Autoblog is extremely discouraging of driving 219 mph on a public road but the sound on the video when that thing drives by is undeniably cool.