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I've got mail

— What I clicked when I went through my backlog of mail this morning:

This is a very bizarre and shady story.
Take care,
G. Wrinkle

Will replies: G, that is the story that keeps on giving. Every sentence is more bizarre than the previous. I couldn't even recommend it as inspiration for creative writing because I don't think there's anything left to add. Amazing.

Rich points out a site that would have been good with yesterday's item about being a little too enthusiastic about the promise of stem cells.  This company wants you to store your menstrual blood. NOTE: Flash video/audio plays automatically when the page loads.

Rich also sent this one about a guy who refused to show his receipt to the security guard at the exit of a Circuit City and ends up calling the police and getting himself arrested. At first I was sure he was just a jerk but by the end of the story I understood his point.

Jan sends this snowflake maker.

I am sure you get lots of email from people who read your column, but I thought it would be great since you posted so much about the Virginia Tech tragedy to see/share this.

Eric sent this collection of lightning porn.

This Free Rice website will donate 10 grains of rice through the UN to help end world hunger for every vocab word you get correct. I found the link through the bbc.com news site.  I think it may be worth a mention.

Will replies: Gillian, when this came out the link spread like wildfire but I resisted because I can't shake that scammy feeling. I looked around and I see a lot of other people who got the same feeling but also couldn't find any facts to justify the feeling. I think what bothers me is that grain isn't purchased by the grain, so to say that you've donated ten grains is already working from a dishonest premise. I'm even suspicious of the word game, it feels like busywork. Am I contributing to some kind of user generated dictionary? Anyway, like I said, I don't find any facts to support my feeling so I'll just shut up and share the link. Thanks. :)

If you like The Who, and you use msn.com or another site or a blog, you can find more great music at: http://www.seeqpod.com/music. Just type "The Who" or another favorite band in the search box and find their music freely with full playable tracks. To put the player on your page, move the songs to a playlist and click 'Embed,' then copy the code to your page.
All the best,
The SeeqPod Team

Will gesticulates wildly: I've been listening to this thing all morning and it's amazing. I don't remember why I was looking for The Who but I listened to Won't Get Fooled Again and Real Me and then just started adding stuff from the stream. Stuff I've heard of but never heard, stuff I never heard of at all. I didn't register or log in or do anything, it just starting making all this music, it's crazy! It loads the longs lightning fast, no choppy/laggy loads. Here's a NOTE: for ya: This thing can totally suck up a lot of your day without you realizing it because you'll find yourself peeking at the cascade of new songs every few seconds and adding here and there to the playlist. So far I've mostly just listened and haven't taken the time for a full exploration of what's going on here but it's definitely the most impressive music app I've played with in recent memory.