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Afternoon morning clicks

— This was supposed to be a quick list of clicks from the morning but then I lost track of time and the noon meeting happened and now I'm posting morning links in the afternoon.

Cloverfield - Another movie destroys NYC. It looks like Blair Witch Project meets War of the Worlds.

Here's that Chuck Norris Mike Huckabee ad. If you don't get it, they're making fun of the Chuck Norris Facts site(s). Then again, knowing that doesn't mean the ad makes any more sense. Maybe more informative is this ad in which Chuck and his wife offer some peculiar facts about teaching the Bible in school. After you watch that think again about who the audience is for the Huckabee ad. I'm thinking it's not the Web savvy youngsters who popularized Chuck Norris Facts.

The new campaign to support striking writers is to buy pencils and mail them to the media moguls who represent "the other side." The campaign has echoes of the peanut campaign to put Jericho back on the air. Something I've been casually mulling is whether it would be possible for the writers to simply take their game elsewhere. But what's amazing about the pencil campaign is that there are only 6 people who control almost everything on TV. I wonder how often those guys socialize with each other.

No matter how cool you think it is, you can't use your iPhone to fly a plane and owning an iPhone doesn't make you a pilot or even a meteorologist. I don't doubt for a second that the reasons given for many plane delays are utterly false but I'm skeptical about the veracity of this story because I can't believe a flight attendant would bother the pilots with second guessing from a passenger. The rest of it seems entirely plausible to me so I took the easy laugh.

US plans case against AP photographer - War bloggers are keeping a close eye on this one. The accusations aren't clear yet but many war bloggers are suspicious of local stringers hired by Western media who report from the scene of terror attacks. The accusation from some bloggers is that these guys are connected to the terrorists and get tips on where the attacks will be so they can help publicize the attacks. We'll see if this case makes that charge anything more than a blog rant. UPDATE: I switched the link out for the msnbc.com version of the story. Note that it has a link to a slide show of the guy's photos.

Video: Best first dance - Assuming this isn't some kind of comedy sketch, we can probably expect to see these folks do a tour of the TV talk shows.

One of the big social sites linked to this x-ray of a hand exploded by a firecracker but site as a whole is a scrollin' good time of anatomy art. ADDING: Chris in the comments reminds me to add this photo of the Israeli security guard who grabbed the live grenade. The photo has a warning for its graphic nature.  Chris, I don't think the two items are related.

Street Anatomy reminds me of another medical design blog I've seen but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called.  In the course of searching for it I clicked MedGadget which seems to draw heavily on the guidance of press releases but is still an interesting read. Today's item on CureHunter is cool.

We had a brief video segment on the site about an old photo that experts suddenly realized might contain an image of President Lincoln. The site with the photo is Civil War Photography.  I wish they had a higher resolution version.