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Afternoon clicks

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything - Ok, stop right there. If you're like me, that headline just created a little movie in your head and set off all kinds of little approving synapses in your brain, glad to see a little guy solve a big problem. If you like that feeling, stop now and move to the next item. If you're, again like me, a glutton for punishment and disappointment, you can take a look at the paper and realize that even though the title is "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything," it's not really so simple once you look at it and realize you're not a physicist.

And furthermore, in the course of looking for the paper you find out that not only are you not smart enough to know what this guy's talking about but there are people who call this guy a "crackpot" and "cute" so what does that make you? And also, when you get a look at this surfer dude's background you see that it's not like some waste-oid took his lips off the bong and squinted through the haze and rasped, "I see everything."

Anyway, if, like me, your curiosity is a higher priority than your self esteem, you might use the same search you used for the paper to find an active and engaged community of theoretical physicists blogging and discussing and exchanging ideas. (Including the surfer dude himself in the comments of some of them.)

Also worth a read is the subsequent post by this blogger who doesn't mention the Telegraph story this time but surely has it in his mind in wondering about popularizing science. He doesn't answer his own question in the post but his commenters have a lot of opinions.

I wonder why they decided Persepolis was better as an animated movie than a live action one. Cheaper to produce I guess. The trailer on the Yahoo site is better than the one on the official site.

"The first Firefox 3 beta is just around the corner and promises a number of enhancements, including a reduction of the notoriously large memory footprint." Lately Flash makes my IE crash and since IE doesn't just crash one window but everything you've got open and I tend to have a lot open, I've been using Firefox a lot more. When my machine is slow to load pages and I see that Firefox is using an unusual amount of memory or even if I don't check but realize that I've been using Firefox for a long time without a restart it makes me subconsciously sour on the whole project.

Today's edition of real or fake: We've seen a lot of fake "wiggling cam girl gets caught by mom" clips, but this one has a ring of authenticity. NOTE: It's a wiggling cam girl, which means she's in too-small clothes revealing too-small underwear before dad comes in and loses it. No doubt coming soon to a "tut tut" morning TV segment near you. Dad enters at 22 seconds if you want to skip ahead.

Cut a bottle in half with string - The commenters at Gizmodo are credulous.

9 words that don't mean what you think (Includes some bikini photos which are safe for my workplace but maybe not for everyone's.)

Schadenfreude game review of the day. Note: A few curses but the guy talks so fast it's not likely to be heard by cube mates.