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All that Apple noise

The matter of Apple gadgets and the related hype are best left to MSNBC.com's gadget coverage but since it has indeed seized the attention of a portion of the Web community, this is what I clicked:

The letter from Steve Jobs to people who feel like they've been ripped off for buying the more expensive iPhone a couple months ago. Bottom line, a hundred dollar store credit.

Apple screwed you: So now what?

Jobs didn't screw you - Bottom line: If you though the phone was valuable enough to you that you'd pay $599 for it, that shouldn't have changed. It's the same phone it was when you didn't feel ripped off.

Want your $200 back? - This was before the Jobs letter when there wasn't yet an official Apple policy but it implies that complaining works.

General consensus about liveblogging coverage of the recent Apple event is that Engadget was the best place to go. Even non-live it's a nice record of the event.

iPod touch may do more than Apple expects - I mention this because it's exactly what I said when I heard about it:  "Imagine, if you will, being able to get to your e-mail, use AIM, play games, and use whatever other applications you so desire, all without carrier lock-in and monthly fees." And I can go back to having a nice small phone.