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Harry Potter and the Fanfic Library

As you know, the links in Clicked are drawn largely from meme trackers and link aggregators.  Today I learned of a new-to-me tracker called Wattpad, which I gather is devoted to content that's meant to be read on a mobile phone. Among the week's most popular links are a number of authentically lengthy Harry Potter fan-written fiction books, some of which credit HarryPotterFanFiction.com as the source. We've got a new Potter book coming in a week so you might not be in the market for extra material at the moment, but once it sets in that you'll never have another new Harry Potter book, this may be worth keeping in mind. ADDING: This is not the same as the fake Chinese books though the idea of ancient Chinese magic in the Harry Potter setting does have an appeal. (These also aren't the erotic/porn fan fiction we've mentioned before - "het" and "slash" and that stuff.)

Though this article makes it clear that giving this lady the world's fastest internet connection is mainly a stunt, can you imagine what that kind of speed would be like in our day-to-day lives?

Reprieve granted for online radio. What do you know, take Congress out of the picture and reasonable things start to happen. (This sentence was not really correct enough to keep. See the comments.)

Christian protestors heckle a Hindu priest in the U.S. Senate, of all places.

Speaking of religious activism, "It basically said anybody who doesn't believe in our religious belief is wrong and should be taken care of." The religious group wasn't named. UPDATE: More here.

While at that Breitbart site I saw this video of the ecstasy kid demonstrating that she can do the eye roll on command. In keeping the story on the wrong side of ridiculous the mother pointed out that the eyerolling was inspired by a horror movie they'd just allowed the girl to watch. D'oh!

11 Craziest Ways To Browse Flickr Photos - Like this blogger I also ended up wasting a stupid amount of time on Flickr Combat (some NSFW).  It's funny how important it feels to render a thoughtful judgment.

"The patient had second-degree burns on his chest and left leg. In addition, two linear burns extended along his anterior chest and neck to the sides of his face, terminating in substantial burns in the external auditory meatus bilaterally... Both of his tympanic membranes were ruptured, and he had a severe conductive hearing deficit. He also had a mandibular fracture."
Before you click, see if you can guess what caused that burn pattern on this lightning strike victim.

Breaking news: The Internet has crashed.

Girl knits a Ferrari - The coolest part is that she welded the frame herself. When the world ends, I want this girl in my refugee camp.

Banana security is face recognition security for your computer. I wonder how long you'd have to use it before you got too old for it to recognize you. Sounds like this might work as an aid to face blindness as well.

"64squares is a completely free, fully featured and easy to use online chess site with a clean simple interface."

Coin operated jiggle machines may be the most ridiculous exercise idea since those jiggling belt machines.

McDonalds set to give new meaning to the phrase "eat here, get gas." "Over in the UK, McDonald's announced today that it will start using its own waste cooking oil to make biodiesel, which will be then used in its entire truck fleet of 155 vehicles."

Another day, another advance in solar technology.  I don't mean to be flip but it does seem like we see this kind of headline often. Has anyone noticed this stuff hitting the market?  Are we still too far back in the research phase?

Meanwhile, speaking of sensing light, I happened upon this slightly old story about advances in digital camera sensitivity. An improvement of 2-4 times in low light conditions would just about warrant the purchase of a new camera I reckon.

Have you ever seen that Real Sex segment on HBO of the guy who makes the ultra-realistic dolls?  I think Howard Stern got one. Anyway, apparently those have surpassed the novelty phase, completely transcended the sex toy phase and for some men has reached the level of "acceptable dating pool." The clip at this link doesn't have any nudity or sex acts but obviously does touch on some adult themes.  From there it links to a blog with the full documentary (about 45 minutes long) but I haven't watched that.

The more things change, the more they stay the same - a photo series from the future. Cool photoblog.  I think it's all advertisements. NOTE: There's one boobie shot on the front page.

This'll be an interesting bit of collective journalism.  This blogger is wondering why there's been a spike in the budget outlays for the Executive Office of the President.

The latest twist in 9/11 conspiracy theories is the recollection that bin Laden initially denied involvement in the attacks. It's amazing to read all the little explanations in this article; who bin Laden is, what the Taliban is.

High speed photos of glasses breaking

Following on the horror of seeing an aging Metallica, The Princess Bride is 20 years old.  ABC has then/now photos.

"Ours is the largest artificial weather program in the world in terms of equipment, size and budget." "The United States, which pioneered cloud-seeding techniques in the 1940s and 1950s, has long cooled in its enthusiasm for the science behind artificial rain." I wonder what that's about.

Remember that kid who bagged groceries at the local supermarket and would always put the bread on the bottom and the gallon of milk at the top?  Looks like he got a job in shipping.