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When elements align

Salt water into fire - Very cool.  Very exciting.  Also neat that it has that "some guy in his garage" feeling to it.

Blocky is addictive because it's so easy to thrash through the early levels and new levels load so quickly.

100 words every high school graduate should know - They just list them.  Treat it like a test and see how many you know before you look them up yourself.

Google in 20 years - Remember that headline about Google wanting to run your life?  This may be a joke, but your OnStar can probably already find your keys, so why not Google?

The choice to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs may be made for you.

Speaking of green, will the green movement see a return to cobblestones? (And by the way, slide #6 is ridiculous, but I'm sure that's what they said about bottled water when it first came out.)

Tonight on Irrational Scare Program...  I've been laughing about that name all morning.  It sounds like one of those Japanese show names like "Super Happy Lucky Hour" but of course it's American, so Irrational Scare Program makes more sense.

This is a little old but it would have gone great with that Kottke item last week about lying to yourself.  It's a list of forms of cognitive bias.

Both Microsoft and Google have released street-level views of selected cities on their map sites.  It took me a minute to figure out how to use it on Live Maps.  Go to a city like New York and zoom way in, choose 3-D mode and then tilt the map flat.  It'd be cool if the next version of allows you to drive the streets in a little car. Google's is a bit easier.  Just click a blue street.

A hole in Mars.  Of course this is where they live. (Much more from Alan.)

"The Defense Department reports China is building cyberwarfare units and developing viruses."

You may be sick of Rosie O'Donnell by now but in the spirit of linking to items that are in the news, here's the video following her big blow-out on The View. Say what you will, her candor is refreshing.

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art - Fascinating but I'm not sure I see the lesson.

Lately I've been thinking about cutting my hair so I was quick to click this old clip of David Crosby doing "Almost Cut My Hair."