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Learning like fish

"A Chinese student was removed from Clements High School in Fort Bend, Texas after parents complained he had re-created the school grounds in a game and uploaded the map for his friends to play." They arrested him but didn't charge him, but he's not allowed to participate in graduation anymore.  This is the second report I've seen since the VT shootings of an Asian kid being punished for doing something completely normal.  It would be a shame if the only lesson the country took from that event is that it's justifiable to be suspicious of a quiet Asian kid in class and Asians acting "strange" cannot be taken too seriously. To my Asian readers, do you feel like you've acquired a new facet to how you're stereotyped?

When I was in college I had a fish tank with all docile fish except one.  I got it in my head that could train the aggressive fish not to attack the others by punishing it with the fish net every time it chased/bit another fish.  In the end, the aggressive fish only learned to be afraid of the net.

15 best diet tips ever - Of course these are a dime a dozen but I thought it was interesting to see number 11 advising that you order off the children's menu to control your portion size.  That's a pretty telling commentary on the way we eat.

Speaking of weight loss, From Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks - This guy is pushing a book for sale, but otherwise this isn't as spammy as it sounds.  No magic supplements or shakes or burner pills or anything.  To be sure it's extreme (even though he says it's only 4 hours a week, I'm pretty sure you don't want to suddenly start working your body to failure a few times a week if you aren't already in some good condition) but it doesn't sound impossible. And P.S. what a great use of YouTube to demonstrate how different exercises are done. I wonder if anyone has compiled a workout exercise encyclopedia of these clips.

Yes, there certainly is a lot to learn and think about with regard to weight loss.  I think I'll ponder it all over a plate of lemon cookies.

Remember when I said I was kidding about people getting those HD DVD numbers tattooed on themselves and shaved into their body hair?  I stand corrected.

Wired has a whole slide show full of joke images about the numbers.

I was able to catch the GOP debate on my seat-back TV but I couldn't tell who had raised their hands in answer to the question about who doesn't believe in evolution.  Brownback, Tancredo and Huckabee.

A 737 abandoned in the middle of the road is only marginally worse than the traffic I sat through on the way to the airport today.

Red team is basically like playing two games at once.

"SuTree is an online index and library for free video-based lessons, tutorials, lectures and how-to's."

Fantastic Four trailer (before we saw the teaser, not the trailer)

Speaking of super heroes, part of the promotion for the new Spider Man movie includes a map of the locations but I'm dismayed to see there are now downtown locations.  While I know there was downtown shooting in the past movies, I have proof of it for Spider Man 3, so maybe they'll update the map. My ridiculously huge set of photos of them shooting Spider Man 3 around my old neighborhood here, here, here, here and here.  (NOTE: Some of these links are really heavy with photos.)

Still speaking of super heroes, Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC.

The free software song - Don't be afraid of the Spanish at the beginning.  See if this doesn't get stuck in your head.

A greener Apple - This is a company note from Apple's Steve Jobs about efforts they're making to be more environmentally friendly.  Even if you don't care about Apple, it's a handy list of the toxicity that comes with computers.

A hand drawn map of online communities - The artist claims it has some basis in actual statistics. Wow, Huffington Post gets its own island? It reminds me a little of the maps done at Politburo Diktat. (There are some fun clicks in his cartography channel.)

Map of the blogosphere.

"A proposed project to sequence the microorganisms that inhabit our bodies could have a huge impact on human health." It seems like I've been reading more about helpful bacteria lately.  I wonder if we're moving away from the paranoia that has us disinfecting everything within reach with wipes and soaps and lotions.

Soviet movie posters

String tripod - At first glance I scoffed at this, but looking through steps 6 through 10 I realize what it's about and it's a great idea.  If you've ever tried to use your point and shoot camera in anything less than bright light you've probably wrestled with blur problems because the shutter is staying open too long.  I'm constantly bracing the camera against trees and telephone poles and on car hoods or even the ground.  Sometimes I just hold my breath and hope for the best.  The idea behind the string tripod is to give you just a little bit more help holding yourself still.  Less stable but more versatile than the bottle cap tripod.

"Is a college degree really a sign of competence? Or is it chiefly a signal to employers that you've mastered the ability to obey and conform?" This is written by Barbara Ehrenreich, making me wonder if her next book is going to be about the higher ed system.  NOTE:  You might have hippie parents (or be a hippie yourself) if that quote put Pete Seeger's "Little Boxes" in your head.

More of those children's drawings re-rendered from Monster Engine.

Four Short Crushes - The perfect spring time love essay.  Print it out if you must.

Yesterday I was helping brainstorm on a project that has to do with celebrity reporting and ended up culling a list of gossip blogs.  The big news on all of them was Britney Spears performing at a small club.  I don't think there was any mainstream media present, so cell phone photos and video seem to be how the event was covered.

How multiculturalism is betraying women - The question is, how can you be tolerant of a culture that is itself intolerant? If you think you're sure of the answer, see if your opinion changes when you read this account from a woman who suffers discrimination for wearing a "burkini" (it's a 5-piece) at a swimming pool.