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Hell hath no fury like a blogger sued

A Play-By-Play: The JL Kirk & Associates Saga - That's probably the only link you need to understand the story of the blogger who is being threatened with a law suit and other action to take down material from her blog that is critical of an employment agency.  But if you want to read more of what is rapidly turning into a good old fashioned blog storm, I clicked Glenn's entry and this item that explains why it's foolish to sue a blogger in these circumstances, and this guy's Googlebomb tactic is good for a chuckle, and of course, there's the blogger in question.

The parallel between early blogging and these early days of Twitter continue.  In this case, Scoble is declaring that the first reports of today's earthquake in Mexico came in by Twitter.

Famousr is easy for me to play because I don't know half the people in it.  If I don't know them, the other one must be um... famousr.

Glenn Greenwald has a pretty funny round-up of missing documents stories from the Bush administration. Actually, it's not really funny. It's just funny when Greenwald says, "I feel -- in this vaguely intuitive sort of way -- as though there is some kind of a pattern buried within this set of facts..."

Here's an interesting bit of counterintuitiveness.  Terry Moran at ABC makes an argument that people shouldn't feel too bad for the Duke lacrosse players. Since my mailbox is full of notes demanding that Al Sharpton apologize to the players, the connection makes for an interesting contrast.  I don't know what Sharpton says about the Duke thing but unjust prosecutions are a can of worms he probably wouldn't mind opening.

In case you didn't already think the Imus story was a dead horse, Snoop Doggy Dogg's thoughts on the matter pretty much did me in.

I finally got around to playing with the "Is it better to rent or buy" tool the New York Times put out a few days ago.

Josh Marshall says the whole US Attorney story is really about the voter fraud investigations as an effort to thin the ranks of traditionally Democratic voters.

Remember that guy who's living his life with a camera on his head, streaming live 24/7?  He had sex the other day, but didn't keep the camera going - at least, not in the way you would expect given the description of the project.  The Valleywag report on it gives some thought to the question of whether there can be a collective/shared sexual experience.  (Valleywag link is safe but you may find unsafe stuff beyond that.)

"Women might soon be able to produce sperm in a development that could allow lesbian couples to have their own biological daughters, according to a pioneering study published today." Almost every paragraph in this story is bizarre.

This is why you shouldn't clean your HDTV with windex.

Yemen's khat habit soaks up water - I almost never hear about khat, but in talking about it at the virtual water cooler I also read this piece about its use in America. Is khat use in the U.S. common and I'm just not hooked into the drug world well enough to realize it?  Maybe I don't know enough African immigrants?

I've seen a lot of local bloggers linking to this "I'm obsessed with being a hipster" advice column.  It's not really about hipsters though, it's about dissatisfaction with oneself, and the answer, as I read it, is to find something you love doing and do it.  Let me know if that's what you think it's about.

Top tower defense games - I've already mentioned that Desktop Tower Defense is the most addictive game ever, so a collection of versions of the game could be life ending.  Kiss your wife and kids goodbye for the weekend before you click this.

I keep running into creationist car photos.

The same model does a childhood obesity ad and a McDonalds ad and they're displayed as billboards next to each other.

The South African anti-rapist condom - The main problem I have with this idea is that it doesn't actually prevent the rape because it requires penetration to work.  And then it doesn't do any permanent damage so... what's the point?  Shouldn't it implant an RFID tag at least or something so the rapist can be tracked?

Here's a cool, old fashioned feeling game (meaning there's no fancy graphics or animation). Simply arrange the cubes to match the various views.

"As an IT guy, I know all too well that most emails are nearly impossible to "lose," especially if one really wants to find them." And I can add that as the kind of guy who gives IT guys headaches, I have had whole accidentally-deleted folders restored for me.  Not fully restored, but it's hard to lose everything.

The mystery of leaping shampoo

Kid-proof your iPod - Just the other day I was wondering what kids these days play music on.  I don't mean big kids, I mean little ones who are the age I was when I played with a playschool phonograph or a big buttoned tape player.  Is there a big plastic mp3 player with fat buttons that click out loud?  All the new music players are so dainty.  Anyway, this is a pretty good start.