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Nobody's fool

I'm pleased that unlike just about every year since I've been blogging on MSNBC.com (holy moly, has it been 4 years?!) I wasn't fooled by any April Fool's links so far this year. (Speaking of today's headline, Nina Gordon's cover of Nobody's Fool [mp3] remains a favorite.)

Of course ThinkGeek kicked butt again this year on funny April Fool's items.  There's a full list of this year's online pranks (to which you can add any that you spotted).  And another here.

Better still, one ThinkGeek item had such appeal that an e-mail campaign forced them to actually produce it.  Look for an 8 bit tie coming soon to a geek near you.

Speaking of April Fool's double takes, Panda's Thumb pulled an elaborate prank on its readers by linking to a purported message from an Intelligent Design advocate claiming that ID itself is a prank to get the goat of evolutionists.  Of course, the ID movement is not a prank.

Speaking of fighting about God, "On a cloudy California day, the atheist Sam Harris sat down with the Christian pastor Rick Warren to hash out Life's Biggest Question—Is God real?" It's pretty long, so here's the printer version if you don't want to deal with the pagination.

"Welcome to the 10th edition of The Festival of the Trees, a monthly blog carnival for all things arboreal."

"Ballhype tracks more than 1,600 sports blogs to find great content so you don't have to." Works like Digg.

Coolest idea to make you wish you were young and without responsibilities: The Miss Rockaway Armada.  Groups of artists construct rafts and boats from found objects and junk and float them down the Mississippi River, stopping along the way "to perform, give workshops, and create the big huge stinking spectacle we wished would have stopped in our hometowns" (and hopefully make some money doing so).  Good pictures.

Wulff Morgenthaler is enjoying a moment in the online spotlight.  It's a single frame comic.

Google Responds to Yahoo by Increasing Gmail Storage to Infinity Plus One - I didn't post a link to the news item here but you may have heard that Yahoo is offering unlimited storage capacity to its e-mail customers.  There's been a bit of a storage race since Google's Gmail offered a gig of free storage.  The article is satire obviously. I'm trying not to think about why I pay for a pro Flickr account when they're giving free unlimited storage to e-mail users.  Maybe I should figure a way for their e-mail service to host my photos.

Speaking of Google responding, this is their response to criticism of their use of pre-Katrina images in the Gulf areas of Google Maps.

AP reporter zapped with one of those new pain guns. They say it makes you feel like you're about to burst into flame.  It's interesting that the reporter was more affected by the panic than by the pain.  Kind of reminds me of Batman Returns Begins - a weapon that makes you afraid.

Desktop image alert: Coffee meets milk

Hummer versus school bus - Go school bus! Hummers are too small and fuel efficient for me anyway, and now this?  I'm totally going to start driving a school bus to work.

I haven't seen Grindhouse, maybe this weekend, but I did read this item about how to get in the proper mindset for seeing this and similar movies that make you sit up and say, "Wow, that looks really good."  His strategy is to read all the negative reviews to give himself the lowest possible expectations for the movie, so this is a round up of those criticisms.  There may be spoilers, but not anything you wouldn't have read in a review somewhere.  I'm not sure about this whole strategy.  Movies in New York City are more than ten bucks a pop, so it sucks to leave unsatisfied, but tricking yourself into liking a movie more than it deserves feels unhealthy somehow. (P.S. Wow, check out that list of trailers.) (P.P.S.  Eagle vs Shark)

"Well, it's getting closer and closer to 2015 and we have a lot of catching up to do." Remember in 1984 how everyone was constantly making comparisons to the book to see how much had come true?  While not exactly Orwell, there's a similar milestone coming in 2015.  It's the year in which Back to the Future's future was set.

The tunnels of Moscow's Metro. Some of these look like long exposure, others look like HDR layered photos.

Don't buy Girl Scout cookies - The argument here is that the organization isn't making much money from the sales and both you and the organization would be better off if you didn't eat the cookies and just donated the money directly.

How to Make Video Panoramas from Your Digital Camera's Video Clips - Photojojo has a history of simple ideas and it's written in a way that makes things sound easy.  This is not so easy - particularly because step 1 involves very expensive software (that you could never ever find on Bit Torrent, so don't even try search for it on any of the popular torrent search engines because it's just not there, don't even look.  Don't.).  Anyway, the result is cool.

Designers Work to Rescue a Dying Art Form -- the Album Cover - You know you at least need album art so you have something to put on the concert t-shirt.  I kid, but it's an interesting problem/opportunity.

Speaking of music in the new age, "For bands and solo artists, Unsigned.com provides you with an outlet to be heard by an ever-growing fan and listener base." It's still a work in progress and I don't think I'll use it much until they come up with a way I can listen to it like a radio.  So far though I like that I can click on my city and listen to bands from my area.  I don't know of another service that does that.

Remember the woman who was threatened online and cancelled her speaking engagements?  She has released a statement along with the guy who helped create the site on which she was threatened.  He's not the threatener, but he's been painted as the bad guy in some tellings of the story because of his association with the site. They put out these statements in advance of a CNN story to make sure their positions are clear (and not sensationalize by cable news).

4 years of persistent training - This is one of those linkbait sites so we don't know the actual source of this series. (Mike in comments did the leg work, here it is.  I killed the old link.) I don't believe some of the criticism that it's a photoshop job, but I'm a little curious about the regimen that goes along with the various stages of this guy's development.  There are a couple of points of pretty radical change.  He also starts smiling.

I'm not sure I understand what an open source car is. Is it that much different than traditional custom car culture?