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A proxy on their house

Is your site banned in China?  Clicked worked.  My Blogger blog worked.  Wikipedia, no.  Vox blogs, no.  Out of curiosity I tried proxy.org (blocked) and then 24hproxy.com (not blocked).  So while I'm not in China to try it, I'm pretty sure someone in China could access the blocked Vox.com by going to this link or one similar instead.  ADDING:  By the way, I know there are some Clicked readers who aren't able to access some sites from work becaue of blocks.  In many cases a proxy server is also how you'd get around those.  Not that you would.  I mean, just if you were curious. UPDATE:  I've posted a bit more on this subject here.

Dueling ridiculous news stories:

NOTE:  As with the astronaut story, I realize there are serious issues at play in these stories.  I wish the best for any victims involved while I muse over the collective details in the abstract.

Speaking of pairing links, is there a connection between these two?

Regarding the story of the supposed discovery of the tomb of Jesus, I finally got around to reading the analysis by blogging Biblical scholar Ben Witherington.  I started here but he's been blogging more so you might do well to start at the top.

Ning is a new site that serves as a platform for you to build your own social network.  Really it's not much different from good old fashioned portal community software like Yahoo Groups but it comes with the features you expect from modern social networks.

I'd read about Conservapedia a little while ago but every time I tried the link it was crashed.  It's a conservative Wikipedia.  I'm not totally sure what that means, but a few entries I looked up had a line or two about how conservatives view the topic.  It's interesting to note that the entry for George W. Bush has more about liberals feeling the election was stolen than it does about the president.  Of course, as a Wiki, that could change at any second.  NOTE:  I'll say again, this is a wiki, which means anyone can add anything.  As you might imagine, this one is prone to attacks so I really can't guarantee what you'll find when you get there, though I can guarantee that order will eventually be restored.

I don't think this girl feels the slightest bit of regret about handcuffing herself to Hugh Grant.  The song reminds me of Nirvana's Polly.

A standup economist.

I'm not sure what to make of this Jihad video.  I think it's meant to be funny, but in the end I felt kind of glum.  I wasn't bothered by the suicide bomber Volkswagen ad but this one didn't score with me.

Solar powered chariot that walks (actually battery powered and it kind of rollerblades).  The hippy shtick wears a bit thin, but the invention is cool.

Sickness and/or craziness aside, am I the only one who thinks it's cool that a global megastar just wanders out alone and makes friends with random people?  Who does that?

The BBC clarifies its position on its role in 9/11 conspiracies - Which is to say, they formally declare that they had no part in any.

Speaking of conspiracies, is Facebook a giant domestic spying conspiracy?

Top 10 modern delusions - You may not agree, but they're good food for thought or discussion.

Who's geekier than you?  Printable pdf in case you are having trouble reading it.

The line game from the other day has been improved.  Try it in mouse mode.

"After trying for 30 minutes to bring two-week-old Woody Lander back to life, doctors decided there was nothing more they could do and called in his parents to say their tearful farewells. ... It was then that the miracle happened."  Corny, but it's important to read a good news story every once in a while dammit.

Heroes character map - I'm not sure this map makes anything clear other than the fact that the character paths are entangled.  It does give me an opportunity to point to this site, which seems to come up periodically among Web geek fans of the show.  Though I count myself as a fan, I'm embarrassed to say I haven't done much exploration of the online offerings beyond a cursory look at the main site.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some of the online depth before the season ends.  (Disclosure:  NBC is a parent of MSNBC.com and I would exploit that relationship in a second to score Heroes swag or info if I knew how.)

"I can tell you exactly how a pointless blog full of poorly written, incoherent commentary made it to the front page on Digg. I paid people to do it."  Should Digg sue over this (and other Wired attacks)?

Speaking of Digg and TechCrunch links, Is Spotplex a better Digg? - The problem that everyone keeps pointing out about Digg is that a system that relies on the active participation of users is prone to manipulation when the users are dishonest.  The idea behind Spotplex (and the reason it could be a better Digg) is that it uses passive user voting.  It has a database of participating sites that report their traffic, so instead of voting up a link you have to actually visit it.  While that may still be prone to gaming, what makes it different from other meme trackers is that it doesn't rely on links by bloggers.  It's a most-visited list, not a most linked-to list.  I'm not sure what they plan to do when a visit is not an endorsement.  If a headline is good but the destination content is terrible, how to erase the click you just gave it?  Regardless, this is going to be a useful site once the database fattens.

"Wonderpizza vending machines provide you with a 9-inch pizza in 2 minutes without you having to worry about humans touching it at any point in the process."  The FAQ says it holds 102 pizzas, which means it's a giant toaster oven.

The in-movie graphics from Children of Men.  Watching them as a standalone film reel is pretty surreal in itself.

Adobe to take Photoshop online - It'll be free, ad supported.  Most of the focus is on what this means in terms of business and other photo editing software companies but Photoshop has a lot more features that the typical free online photo editing software so if they give the full package away for free, I'm wondering if we'll see a new level of photo processing online.  I mean, everyone knows what a Photoshopped photo is, but not everyone can do it.  Unless you have a pirated copy, that's some expensive software.

Senator Kerry Confronts Swift Boat Funder - I didn't see this on TV but I read that it was going to happen.  Basically a guy who gave 50 grand to the Swift Boat Vets is being appointed to be ambassador to Belgium, but first he has to get past the Senate and guess who's on that committee.  The clip is pretty long but a good listen if you can stand to listen to Congressional business like this.

Speaking of echoes of '04, John Edwards Second Life HQ vandalized - The problem with online campaigns: online drama.  Edwards is certainly learning that the hard way so far in this campaign.  By the way, if you're looking to check that scene out yourself, it's in the Onnuri Sim.  Here's the SLURL.  I was there tonight and didn't find much of value but it could be worthwhile if there was an event to attend.

Here's a funny item to find in the wake of all that Al Gore fuss I stepped in last time.  A lot of people believe that because temperatures are rising on Mars that the warming of the Earth is related and the two are the result of solar activity of some kind.  This National Geographic piece explores the ins and outs of that theory.

Le Moulin - Five minute animation about a man whose lover and her town are spiritually bound to the motion of a windmill.

I initially misunderstood this fold-out balcony as a fold-in balcony and I think I'd fell (Yikes, Freud) feel better about it if that's what it was.  Basically, your wall is on a hinge that swings out from the building face at 90 degrees so you have a terrace.

Though I would never condone vandalism of advertising it's hard not to appreciate printable cold sore stickers to put on ad poster models.

107-year-old woman blogs (with a little help).