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Say rehab again

Craig Ferguson explains why his experience as an alcoholic means he won't make fun of Britney Spears.  The other day I was disturbing my co-workers by ranting at the TV about the lack of useful reporting on what rehab actually is.  Instead of gossip columnists and satellite psychoanalysis I'd be interested to hear from a rehab worker (substance abuse counselor?) about what these celebrities are checking in and out of all the time.  Anyway, this clip isn't quite that but it does give a nice (and rare) human perspective on what it means to wrestle with addiction.  I'm not trying to make too big a deal of caring about celebrity dysfunction, I'm just saying that if we have to hear about it incessantly, surely we can learn something or get a little insight beyond what could be read on the wall of a bathroom stall.

It looks like the big Friday political story is going to be Lieberman's threat to switch parties over the Iraq vote.  The obvious implication is that such a move would shift control of the Senate.  That's the convention wisdom I see in the reaction to the story so far.  But I also clicked this link which argues that that's not the case.

I used to know a cool egg peeling trick but for the life of me I can't recall it right now.  Whatever it was, it wasn't as cool as this.

Of course you already know this but it's odd that such a transcendent truth isn't more openly recognized.  Our national defense against terrorism is more about butt covering and avoiding blame than it is about actual defense.

Construction of the Millau Bridge in France - This is a bit of a linkbait site but still, if the photos are cool, who cares, right?

Speaking of long scrolling lists of photos, Pictures from the Sky is a nice way to eat up time at the end of the week.  UPDATE:  This link required me to right click/show picture on a few but I think it's the same set of photos and isn't crashed.

"It was very titty-booby pee-pee doo-doo." A pretty accurate review of Second Life, though defenders will point out (yet again) that it's not a game so the review kind of misses the point.

Innovative Pharox LED lamp uses 3.4W: Replaces 40W Incandescent - I have a feeling LED is going to be a better solution than those CF bulbs.  We see them replacing automotive lights and even street lights.  I'm surprised it's taking them this long to make it to the home.

If the rape headlines coming out of Iraq aren't distressing enough, take a look at them from the Iraqi perspective.

I love the interface of SpeedTest.Net but I don't really know what to do with the information.
I'm getting the U.S. average download speed, but apparently there are faster ISPs in my area.

Ed doesn't believe there's a law telling him to pay income tax and he's offering a big reward to anyone who can show it to him.

Metafilter starts podcasting.  It's not too far from other weekly link overviews, like Diggnation.

Speaking of mixing the media, here's the trailer for the This American Life TV show.

Here's one more mixing of media:  How about turning text news into singing?  I'm having visions of Cop Rock and all the success that came with it.

Speaking of giving new life to text, What does Marsellus Wallace look likeNOTE:  The audio is a curse laden clip from Pulp Fiction.  The video is a typography class project, so it's just words, but still surprisingly entertaining.  ODD NOTE:  I also clicked a direct link to the video and it never loaded.  When I saved it to my machine it took just a few seconds to download and play.  I mention this in case you have the same trouble.

Speaking of pulp fiction, it's number 10 on this list of most misunderstood movies.

The latest really impressive CGI portrait finally gets the hair good enough that it looks more like a photo than a computer image.  How it was done.

The roots of those Mac/PC ads go back to 1996.  The consistency is pretty impressive even if the copy is mortifyingly bad.

How Sysco came to monopolize most of what you eat. I don't know how apparent this is to anyone who hasn't worked in the restaurant business, but most restaurant kitchens and pantries I've been in have been wall to wall Sysco products.  It definitely helps explain why so many national food chains have basically the same food that tastes basically the same.  Contrary to the story's title, I'm not sure it really explains how Sysco came to be so dominant.  It's a useful service with some right place/right time luck.  One thing I didn't realize was the degree to which they deal in local goods.

How to disable those annoying Snap Preview windows: "Click on the little "Options" text in the popup box and choose 'Disable for ALL sites.'"

SXSW Festival is offering a massive torrent of 739mp3s of bands playing the festival.

Speaking of having to double check to make sure you have room on your hard drive for something that big, How to move your iTunes library to an external drive

Friends don't let friends drink and have light saber duels.