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Killed, not killed off

I disagree with Gael on one outside-chance fine point with regard to the impossibility that the Grey's Anatomy script writers would kill off the character after which the show is named.  While it's true that Grey's Anatomy is pretty formulaic so we shouldn't expect any surprises, let's not forget that Desperate Housewives has a dead character who still features relatively prominently and  Six Feet Under routinely featured dead characters as regular participants in the show.  Dirt on FX (am I the only one still watching that?) has characters dead and imagined that haunt one character.  OH!  Dead characters haunting?  Medium?  That Jennifer Love Hewitt show?  In Battlestar Galactica they've got that weird non-death death for the Cylons.  All I'm saying is that dead isn't necessarily dead on contemporary TV and therefore it's not entirely beyond the range of possibility that a character on a popular exhaustively formulaic show could be killed - because a character can be killed without being killed off.

Double-take headline of the day:  U.S. skiers end worlds with mixed results - I saw "end worlds" and thought Death Star.  That'd certainly be a cooler story. (No offense to skiers.)

Can you survive 24 hours without a computer?  You have about a month to prepare.

"Controversial plans to build a "supermosque" on the doorstep of the London Olympics will be blocked by the Government."

Meanwhile, if anyone were to stand up to the demands of Muslims (or any other religion) I'd have thought China would, but that goes to show how little I know about China.

The difference between science and faith explained in two handy flowcharts.

Thanks very much to Yogi for having the answer to my question about who performed that version of "Save Me."  I wasn't able to find much free music from E. T. Mensah & His Tempos Band, but I did find a couple songs in this podcast.  And by the way, fans of vintage ethno-pop should definitely check out this blog.

Speaking of new bands, a local publication had an interview with a band called O'Death which draws heavily on American roots influences to play a modern brand that is pretty unique.

Speaking of music that is both ethnic and American, Acrassicauda is Iraq's only heavy metal band.  I watched segment 5 in a video series about them.  All five segments are listed here.

Tesla Anti-Theft Device: Eye of Sauron - Kind of reminds me of the flame thrower carjacker repellant.

"My friend John was trying to think of a way to explain the problem with digital rights management to his dad and friends of ours who don't see what's wrong with it.  He compiled a list of examples of DRM-related problems to help people understand what the big deal is with DRM."

Everyone's getting a kick out of this giant delete button eraser.  It's a fun site to poke around.  I like this white board clock.

OpenCola - Open Source Coca Cola - Didn't they already do this with beer?  I'm not totally clear on how any recipe wouldn't be open source if it's not a secret.  I'm glad to see many folks on Digg had the same thought.

The link to this hunter's abject apology has been taken down before I could post it here, along with the rest of his blog.  His offending post can be found in Google's cache, however.  He calls assault rifles "terrorist rifles" and says they have no place in the hunting community.  I've never known the gun owning community to be particularly open to this kind of hair splitting and this time was no exception.  UPDATE:  Here's the http://outdoorlife.blogs.com/zumbo/2007/02/i_was_wrong_big.html&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us">cache of the apology (thanks Bob).

How I hacked your router by accident - Since the links are unreliable I refer you to the story published in the Digg thread.  In short, the guy accidentally logged into his neighbor's wifi router because the neighbor never changed the default name or password so it was indistinguishable from the new one the author purchased.  The thread is full of security advice, but what it left me thinking about is what the future will be like as technology becomes more advanced and we (most of us) integrate it into our lives without the slightest clue or care about how it works.

Free 3D modeling software - I haven't had a chance to play with this yet today but I like the idea of starting with a ball and using tools to pull and distort it.

I bet 3D software would be good to apply to one of these Drawer Geeks projects where they turn children's drawings into more advanced renderings.

Beatboxing through a flute.  I'm not sure it really needs all the puffing and spitting.  This guy already kicks ass on his instrument.

The power of make-up - This is almost like one of those Photoshop reveals, but it's with make-up.  As such it feels like it carries a different message.  A few of them frankly look a little overdone.  I guess if there's an overall lesson it's how different we make ourselves look from natural humans.

Speakers in your shoes to massage your feet.

I recall playing a game with this same little guy a long time ago.  This was more challenging than I expected.

Can you seriously generate enough of a charge with a wool hat to get your car to crank just one more time?  For what it's worth, my motorcycle batter died a couple months ago and the last few times I started it I took the battery out and shook it a bit and put it back in.  I'd read somewhere that it would work and it did, though I'm still not entirely sure why.

OK Go has a new fun video.  I like the song better than the treadmill song too.

Reading translations of Harry Potter is a great way to practice reading a new language (provided you read the English version first).  I feel similarly about watching familiar movies on HBOL in Spanish.  If I can ignore the annoying dubbing I can hear the language better than if it were a Spanish movie.

Nuke-proof flash drive for the military - They should make these for commercial consumption.  Someone recently asked me in all seriousness if putting my photos on a hard drive meant they were invulnerable.  I think there are enough people out there wanting an indestructible, eternal digital media vault that there's a niche industry just waiting to be born.

New Revenue Stream For Bloggers: TextMark SMS Alerts - Doesn't actually sound like that good a deal, but I can see where people might pay for notification of news that wouldn't come in a traditional breaking news alert from a general news site.

How to break up with your girlfriend (pleasantly misogyny-free, which is uncommon in videos of this title.)

By e-mail:

Hi Will-
Never the first at anything, I feel presumptuous to send you this at all. Maybe the outrage (mine included) is premature, it seems things could change, but the very idea of it, the fact she's already done 30 days is, simply, an OUTRAGE. One that has hit me in the gut, somehow. I'm an American, and a mom of 3 younguns, our similarities end there, but still I want the other driver and the jury to pay. Maybe by living her life for 2 weeks, then 2 years in prison. I wonder if I would then feel justice has been served.  The article made me feel impotent, then  I thought of you.  :)
Almost forgot the link.
I love Clicked, by the way.
Warm regards,

Will replies:  Hi B-Jane.  I'm not sure what to make of impotence causing you to think of me, but ignoring that, my first thought is that I'll never understand how mandatory minimums are legal.  Sentencing should be the responsibility of the judicial process, not the legislature.  So in that respect I agree with you that this story is an outrage.  The punishment totally doesn't fit the crime and doesn't seem to serve justice or the social good.  On the other hand, people can't be flinging things out of cars at each other.  Honk the horn or flip the bird or something, but driving up the emergency lane in traffic with a pregnant woman in the front seat and kids in the back so you can physically attack a car that cut you off twice?  We can't be having that.  Given her circumstances I'm not sure what the most fitting punishment would be, but taking her away from her kids for two years (or however long parole takes) is surely the worst one.