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Profiles in profiles

Critical mass and social network fatigue - "How many networks can one person join? How many different identities can one person sanely manage? How many different tagging or photo-uploading or friending protocols can one person deal with?"

Speaking of filling out an absurd number of accounts and profiles, Brilliant New Startup: Useless Account - All you do is sign up for it.

Speaking of making a mockery of social sites, Andy Hagans' Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and Social Media Marketing - Linkbaiting is the practice of writing Web pages in a way that they'll specifically appeal to high traffic social linking sites.  As he points out at the very beginning, there is a lot of talk about linkbaiting lately.  Enough talk that I have to wonder how long these tricks will be effective before people see them as a ploy and avoid them on purpose.

Speaking of people immersed in social networking, Commuter Click: Say Everything - "As younger people reveal their private lives on the Internet, the older generation looks on with alarm and misapprehension not seen since the early days of rock and roll. The future belongs to the uninhibited."  What I hope to learn by reading it is what we can expect to happen as the networked and profiled generation grows up.  Will they value privacy more or less?  Will the people who grew up with a camera built into everything carry on with digital voyeurism and exhibitionism or will it get old?

Pittsburgh gets a Metroblogging site.

Who cut all the faces out of your Skymall catalog?  This guy.

What hands can do.  Yet another in a recent string of hand shadow/puppetry.

Fotolog overtaking Flickr - I don't know if it's evident yet, but I've been trying to find a way to feature photos the way I do links and videos.  Digital photography is such a huge component of online culture but so far I haven't found a convenient way to track it.  I mention this by way of explanation that I'm prone to clicking online photography links more than usual lately in search of insight.  This link doesn't offer any answers to my question but it does make for some good beard stroking on what makes sites popular and the context of the U.S. Web in the global marketplace.

Speaking of photography links, More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?  The question is whether the techniques used to fit in more pixels actually ends up reducing light sensitivity and increasing "noise."  The accusation is that consumers assume that bigger is better so camera makers are in a pixel race that de-prioritizes picture quality.

The pimped out john - You're meant to enter the contest to win it but surely you'd not want to put that kind of time in on the throne.  Bolt it to a Laz-E Boy and you've got something though.

A Kirkland cafe with no prices - This is out near Seattle.  You pay what you want.  So far it's not a total disaster.  I have to think that's a reflection of the location.  Otherwise, what's the difference between this place and a soup kitchen?

I've been waiting for someone to chafe at Hillary playing the 9/11 card so much.  She needs to find a new drum to beat.  I even found her sudden buddying up with rescue workers distasteful.

These Photoshopped animals are really well done.  They look like the kind of thing that comes from a Worth1000 contest but I can't find the original link (though I did spend time poking through the current "snackimals" contest).

How the press can prevent another Iraq - What do you think, is the press capable of this? Would it really have prevented the war in Iraq?  I'm dubious.

I hate Macs - Those "I'm a Mac. I'm a PC" ads manage to spark a backlash abroad as well.

Michael Yon tells the compelling story of a suicide bomber in Iraq thwarted by a villager who sacrificed himself to save his neighbors.