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This is what iClicked

I've said before that I'm not very gadget savvy but it was hard not to notice that the entire online world came to a slack-jawed, neck snapping halt at the announcement of the new Apple iPhone.  To the extent that I'm as dazzled by shiny new things as anyone else, I fully admit that this looks really cool and exciting and I want one.  Recognizing that there's not much rationality to that opinion, now that the dust is settling I've mostly clicked critical items to balance my enthusiasm.  What I clicked:

iPhone is awesome (restrictions apply)  (If you use iPhone at the beginning of a sentence, should you capitalize it?)

What's Missing From the iPhone - This is a shorter list than the one above.  3G is a kind of cell phone service.  It's been explained to me as broadband for cell phones.

The iPhone is not a smartphone - It's at least worth noting that the definition of smartphone is one that accepts software downloads.  There is apparently some debate about whether (or how quickly) the lock on this phone that prevents downloads will be hacked.

It looks like the stock market's reaction to the iPhone was similar to my initial exuberance.

iPhone and the End of PC Era - He's talking about people moving away from computers and doing their computing on hand held devices instead.  When I saw the headline I thought he was going to make the case that public exposure to Apple's operating system, OS X, through the iPhone would make it a gateway to using Macs.  Have you (I'm talking to Windows users now) ever gone to the Apple store and tried one of their cool-looking computers and immediately walked away when you realized everything on it was foreign?

Speaking of the iPhone bringing and end to things, iPhone is death of the ringtone industry.

iPhone & LG KE850: separated at birth?

Kottke's iPhone model - He made one of cardboard to get a better sense of its size.

iPhone debate: I'm a Mac vs. Bill Gates - This is supposed to be funny, but as someone in a catch-up position I found this really informative.

Speaking of learning about new Apple products, I also clicked Questions about the AppleTV.  The idea behind this one is to take what's on your computer (though iTunes) and put it on your TV.

Speaking of trying to keep up, Gary says your hard drive is obsolete.  He was actually talking to me about this (he sits two cubes away) before he left for CES.  My personal non-work laptop is a few years old but it's already obsolete for some of the applications I'd like to run so I'm trying to pay closer attention to what's coming up so my next computer lasts a little longer.  (My secret desire is to build my own machine.  Click that link and tell me it doesn't look easy.)

Speaking of the future of technology, sensational new "fact-power" unleashed.

The latest Keith Olbermann clip to storm the Internet is his review of the president's credibility on Iraq.  Of course, everyone is linking to the Crooks & Liars version, but for the sake of home team support, here's the MSNBC.com version.

Here's a clever scam that's probably worked on a few desperate people.  In short, someone offers to rent you an apartment but can't show it to you because they're out of town.  But send them a month's rent and they'll send you the keys.  In this case the story is told from an interesting perspective.

Creative writing assignment for the next bad weather day:  Write a story that explains the presence of RFID chips in Canadian coins held by American defense contractors.  UPDATE:  The cable folks had a guy on to talk about it earlier today.

Tapping this beer bottle on the counter is enough agitation to get it to freeze.  If you're going to try it, I reckon there's some risk here of the bottle shattering (from the expanding ice, not the counter tap).

A map of where U.S. casualties came from.  I'm not sure what conclusion could be drawn from this other than that it appears to align with overall population distribution in the U.S.
All the tabs on this page are pretty interesting.  I don't know what to make of the "frequency" chart that shows no particularly deadly day of the week.

How to win Wii Tennis (at any cost) - This is satire, but if you think about it, it's just a matter of time before we hear about Wii-related injuries.

Was this librarian put on the FBI watch list for ordering books with the word Jihad in the title?  Folks in the comments are skeptical, but the blogger is a priest.  UPDATE:  Thanks to the Howlin' Hobit for pointing out in the comments that this story has been retracted with apologies.

What happens when a country bans guns?  More sword headlines.

O'Reilly and Colbert are going to be guests on each other's shows next week.  I don't actually watch the O'Reilly show, so it'll be interesting to see them side by side to see how much Colbert has actually taken for his character.

African traffic jam - This is an interesting site from a photography student perspective.  See on the right under the judge for best and worst photo archive and explanations for why they were accepted or rejected from this company's stock photography database.

Speaking of the death of giant animals, "Human habitation has been, and is increasingly, playing a direct role not only in the extinction of species, but in their evolution. By our own actions, we may be accompanied into the future by ever more diverse pests and pathogens, and may leave behind what we value most—elephants, tigers, and others of the earth's great megabeasts."

Speaking of changing life on the planet, I eat rubbish - In the comments there's a bit of a debate about just how much garbage this thing pulls out of the Thames River, but there's no denying it's a valuable tool.  We need more robots cleaning up the earth.  (OK, it's "passive" so it's probably not a robot, but that doesn't mean robots are off the hook.  C'mon robots, do your part.)

Speaking of saving the Earth, Sweden plans to go green.

Speaking of the dying planet, here's a well done global warming ad that shows people doing ordinary things in the midst of natural disasters.

Still speaking green, here's a lengthy piece on GM's plug-in hybrid concept.

Speaking of the car show, the only thing I'm interested in about car shows are the concept cars.  I'm liking number 4 in this slide show.  This is cool too.

One more CES link: "Among the many things to be unveiled at this week's Consumer Electronics Show is a new sound-leveling technology from Dolby Laboratories that goes into a TV that ensures that loud announcers and commercials won't leave you scrambling for the volume control on your remote."

"Cancer Cured" headline of the week: How spicy foods can kill cancers

The best thing to come from the Rosie/Trump ridiculousness is this game that lets you fight them.

Wedding mapper - No more hand drawn maps tucked in with the invitation.  You know those aggravating wedding maps that are all out of scale and show random landmarks?