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Another predator caught

... the rest.

Dateline's "To catch a predator" series has entered the popular consciousness.  I know this because the parodies are starting to roll out:

Speaking of NBC shows as YouTube parodies, this Charlie Brown Scrubs mash-up is the best thing I've clicked in the last 24 hours.  If you watch all the way to the end you'll see that it uses audio clips from two different holiday shows.  The result is breathtaking Christmas blasphemy.

Reports from journalists who are actually in Ramadi are more positive than those by reporters who aren't there.  I've seen a few items online that seem to outline a rivalry between Green Zone or D.C. war correspondents and deep field reporters.  The fact that reporters who leave the safely of the Green Zone run a very real risk of being slaughtered or worse keeps the debate from getting very far, but it's hard to ignore the obvious fact that actually being in a place is a better way of reporting on it.

Speaking of warblogging, The Fifth Annual Warblogger Awards (For 2006)

Funniest name of a "gate" goes to Chingchonggate.  Watching the video, there's something about her tone that feels offensive, like the joke is as much about the sounds she's making as her point that even people in China are talking about the DeVito segment.  But then I'm wondering, is there a way to mimic spoken Chinese without being derogatory?  Is it the literal "ching chong" that made Rosie's joke offensive?

"Wiremap 256 is a 3'x4'x3'x volumetric renderer."  It renders 2D in 3D, not with special glasses or water vapor, but on string.  Kinda hard to see but cool idea.

Top 5 2006 movie posters ...and other notables.

Physics explanations in 60 seconds

The dangers of the '9/11 Truth' movement - We've hashed this out on this blog before, so I don't want to get all into it again, but the ultimate point of this essay is that the 9/11 Truth movement is as much a reflection of the failed credibility of the mainstream media as it is a mistrust of the Bush administration and its corporate affiliates.

Bob Saget singing "Danny Tanner is Not Gay" at Skidmore College 2006  NOTE:  Coarse language.  This is a headphones track.  I can't tell if I find this guy funnier because of his family image.

Paris at night mega photo NOTE!:  Automatically plays ridiculous music before the photo even loads.  Mute before you click!  I just blasted my entire cube farm, ug.
I feel like we've seen this before but I definitely don't recall playing with the photographer's site before, so if it's a repeat, so be it.

NASA can't explain why we need a lunar colony.  "Coming under a presidency whose slogan might be 'No Price Too High To Accomplish Nothing,' the idea of a permanent, crewed moon base nevertheless takes the cake for preposterousness."

Between Heroes and the X-Men, I'm as excited as the next nerd for the great abrupt human evolutionary shift to superheroism.  So it was with great dismay that I realized that my lactose intolerance is a sign that I'm already evolutionarily left behind.  Somewhere in my 20s some piece of Kryptonite must have robbed me of my power to process milk.  Cancel my cape fitting.

2005 National Hammered Dulcimer champion

Remember Ms. Dewey?  Turns out she's an actress named Janina Gavankar.  One scene in particular in the movie "Cup of My Blood" includes some unlinkable imagery.  Is this a lesson to use CGI actresses in these kinds of applications or is it exactly why you shouldn't?

The old "cow emissions" story is a familiar one, but the laundry list of environmentally detrimental effects of raising livestock is pretty shaming.  (I'm not preaching, I'm a meat eater, but damn.)

The USB Airsoft Turret 1.0 - because your computer should also shoot stuff.

The annual White House holiday video, lately the Barney Cam, is another we can add to our list of online traditions.  (Yes, I'll eventually get around to updating that post with all these.)

Commuter Click:  How art can be good (objectively good).

"Every year, the premature baby unit at Edith Cavell hospital sends cards to the other departments as well as to ex-patients."  Fans of Jesus Christ may not find this greeting card amusing but anyone who's felt the hold-your-breath-and-hope feeling of seeing a preemie in an incubator will find it touching.

Why Not a Wind-up Car?  This has a current date but some of the comments are old.  It's still a fun question.  Imagine cars powered by giant clocktower springs.

Asimo takes a dive - I'm surprised he's not programmed to get up off the floor; though I can't imagine how heavy he is.  Tell Sarah Connor to

I clicked a link to Grow version 1 yesterday (and won it in only two tries!).  The Eyemaze Grow games are famous Web-wide, but I didn't think they were still making new ones.  Sure enough, it's new.  And this blogger also reminds me that there's Grow Ornament for the online holiday tradition list.