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Clearing the board

Today's entry is a bit of a hodge podge, but rather than let these links go stale over the holiday I figured I'd clear my notes and share them and start fresh with the new week.

Tofurkey disguise kit

A sisterwife in a polygamist marriage answers the questions you most wonder.  So no, it's not a non-stop bisexual orgy.

The Amazon's Giant Carnivorous Centipedes - video at the end of the article.

The most comprehensive list I've seen of the recent spate of female teachers having sex with male students.  What's the word again? Ephebophilia?  Most of them are apparently ephebopheliacs.

I had to laugh to see this Melissa Theuriau compilation video at the top of the Digg list the other day because I confess I watched it earlier in the week as it rose up the YouTube ranks.  They're calling her the most beautiful news reporter in the world, and it's pretty remarkable how easy it is to watch this woman report the news in a language I don't understand.

Continuing the theme of Iraqi kids and the U.S. military, the guy in this video claims to want to kill Iraqi kids for throwing rocks at his truck.  Given the latest polling info, he might end up doing more killing than he'd like.  (I assume he doesn't actually like killing and is just venting on the video.)

Trivia question:  What game has been replaced in this World of Warcraft commercial?  UPDATE:  Christine got it right in the comments.  If you don't want the answer, beware of her spoiler.

Here's that story I mentioned of the Modern Day Robin Hoods causing a riot by throwing real money in the air in Washington Square Park.

Post-it stop motion animation from France.  Or actually, maybe Argentina.

Flickr's new camera finder lets you see which cameras are most popular with Flickr users and also what photos from those cameras look like.  I'm not sure how useful this would be in shopping for a camera but it could at least help confirm the photo quality of whatever is on your wish list.  I'd like to see this extended to lenses.

Before Rex became a colleague here at MSNBC.com, I knew him as the guy who compiles that massively comprehensive collection of year-end lists.  He's already started on this year's collection.  I spent a while at this Best Photojournalism of 2006 site.

How to build a PC - In some respects this is like reading a one of those motorcycle magazines.  You'll probably never build a chopper, but it's fun to see it done.  I've just replaced some RAM in my laptop, so I'm feeling especially techy right now, so entertaining the idea of constructing a computer is not too much of a stretch.

Ski-Gliding the Eiger - Whoa.  The guy's actually touching as he goes down the mountain.  I have to think this requires very specific weather conditions.

Though there's some skepticism in the comment list, this video is ostensibly showing a young girl with a brain injury that has left her autistic-like and thus enabled her to play a game that looks like Defender just dodging everything and not firing a shot.  I'm not sure I go for the "good things come from bad things" moral.  Good video games skills is hardly a fair trade-off for brain damage.  I would be open to a moral about winning without shooting, however.

Questions surround fatal shooting of woman, 92 - This story has greater resonance in the blogosphere than it did in mainstream media because there is a large online contingent of Libertarians for whom no-knock raids are a special concern.  It's not too hard to understand that if you already think the government is overstepping in telling you what drugs you can do, it's going to seem particularly outrageous if the government then bashes in your door without warning because they think you're involved with those drugs.  And to pile on further outrage, when you exercise your right use your gun to defend yourself in your own house from an abrupt invasion, you're prosecuted for doing so, or worse, killed.  And in this story, add that the person killed by police is a 92-year-old woman who from all appearances was totally innocent... well, I mean really.

Radley Balko is among the most prominent online critics of this no-knock tactic.

The rope burning logic puzzle that has online brows furrowed.  The puzzle is from this longer list.  UPDATE:  For what it's worth, reader Isaac submitted a solution that is not identical to the one on the original site.  So there's arguably more than one possible answer here.  (Although Isaac did go a little out of the bounds of the riddle's description, but we can fight about that later when more people have had a chance.)

What's the deal with selling PS3s online with a half naked girl?  One of the weirdest online trends in recent memory.  UPDATE:  Sorry, I had to remove this link.  I don't know how I missed that this was a porn blog.  John in the comments warned that the ads were NSFW and I didn't recall even seeing any.  When I checked I also visited the site's home age and that's a bit more than I can link to from here.  The blog is called Fist of an Angry God and the post was called "Slutty-bay Playstation 3" but you'll have to find the link yourself.

Top ten girl geeks - More role model than sexy.  Daryl Hannah is an odd entry, but I think number 10 should be excluded on principle.

The Spam Farms of the Social Web - This explains in pretty clear terms why there is such a thing as blog spam and also shows how social networks are exploited to gain traffic for spam sites.

"The award winning Canadian documentary 'The Corporation' has been released on BitTorrent for free."

Passive Cooling  - Ways to cool without electricity.