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A talking head in every pot

— As the new week's links heat up, this is what I clicked over the weekend:

America's next top pundit - I thought the term for this was "media whore" but the WSJ gives them more dignity than that.  The article is also sympathetic to TV producers, who I would have cast as enablers if I'd written this article.  There is no overestimating the damage to journalism and the national discourse done by the advent of producers-as-bookers and force-fitting every story into "both sides" so two pundits can fight about it in split screen for three minutes.

Speaking of "both sides," more on the transhumanism theme:

Still speaking of "both sides:"

(While I understand the points in the latter, I agree more strongly with the "should go" list, not just for film school but for most other cases as well.)

Halloween photo tips

Good morning sweetheart pillow - I came upon this in some random searching this weekend.  I really like the idea of a pillow that leaves impressions on the face (on purpose).  I want one that says "grumpy" that wears off by the time my morning coffee soaks in.

"Evidence mounts that making, and perhaps recognising, expressions is inherited"  Blind people had the same "facial expression signatures" as their sighted relatives.  If they can't see expressions, it must be genes that tell them how to move their face (of course, facial musculature is part of one's inherited appearance).

Creative advertising that makes you look twice - The Jimi Hendrix autograph made me laugh out loud.

Seven Ways To Light a Fire Without a Match - Could almost be titled "Seven ways to rub pieces of wood together"

"Today, Cornell University researchers are reporting what appears to be a statistically significant relationship between autism rates and television watching by children under the age of 3."  Scariest article I've read in a long time.  The end of the Backyardigans for my boy?  I'd be interested in finding studies that explain why certain songs or TV shows have hypnotic appeal to kids.  Why does my boy drop everything when he hears that car commercial playing The Who's Magic Bus?

Coolest-idea-I-haven't-tried of the day: PC on a stick - The basic idea is that you put the contents of your PC on a memory stick and then you can plug that memory stick into any computer and, borrowing some of the host computer's capability, access the stick as you would your own computer.  There are a few small print items, but a great idea for anyone who carries their work computer back and forth between work and home.

Directory of open access journals - Though it wasn't as easy to find good stuff as I'd expected, I did end up getting sucked into an article about Japanese "parasite singles," so yeah, it's that kind of site.