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Building a cosmic friends list

— Yahoo is asking for your contributions to a digital time capsule.  After a month of submissions they'll seal it and give it to the Smithsonian and also beam it into space (to impress aliens?).  It's not a terrible idea, but isn't the whole Web one big time capsule?  I recall reading about historians struggling with what it means that everything in our lives is being recorded digitally.  How can you log it all and contextualize it all for the sake of history?

European bloggers find their voice - The focus is on German, French, and Italian blogs.
Steve Rubel's entry, mentioned in the above article has more links and analysis.

Speaking of Italian blogs, I run into this Beppe Grillo blog all the time, but didn't realize it had an English version.

Speaking of being popular in different countries, the other day I noticed that Google Video lets you filter their most-popular list by country.

Speaking of online in Europe, I'm listening as I blog to Radio Nova (French)  Some English language music.  Lots of DJ talking.  Right now I'm listening to a Beastie Boys feature.  Click the headphones on the left next to "Ecouter Radio Nova" to launch the player.

Another aspect of companies not taking advantage of telecommuting (see yesterday's entry) is that jobs from home don't appear to be in great abundance.  This list of "real jobs" you can do from home is not particularly inspiring.

Can the Superbus revolutionize public transport?  It can certainly revolutionize the appearance of transport.  Check this thing out.  The idea that each seat has its own door strikes me as a potential problem.  That's a lot of moving parts both mechanically and logistically.

Speaking of alternative transportation, Man buys tank and drives it around like a car.  I'm trying to figure if this could be legal in the U.S.  You need rear view mirrors and turn signals to be street legal, right?  Maybe a bumper too.

The UN is asking LonelyGirl to make antipoverty videos.  I assume the UN did the reaching out, but it makes me think that it's just a matter of time before Web stars get publicists who help present them like mainstream celebrities.

Dethroner is a new blog for me.  So far more beer and fighting than pin-up girls.  (Cool foosball trick video.)

Someone mentioned in the comments that they hope the new IE7 download isn't automatic.  Here's a way to block the download if you think it's going to cause problems for you.

Muslims offended over the Apple store?

Juan Cole gives lengthy attention to the new report on how many have died in Iraq since 2003.

The powers that be may have blocked the viewing of Idiocracy, but you can read it for free.

The Draw Play game - very much like that line rider from last week.  (Speaking of that Line Rider game, did you see the video link that was posted in the comments of the amazing line course?)

Pinball from the perspective of the ball.

"Helium is ... on a quest to build the best user-created reference resource there is."  That makes it sound like Wikipedia, but it's more like essays than encyclopedia entries.

Compact four-rooms-in-one house.  It's like having the rooms of your house on a lazy susan.  A modern answer to the fold-away bed.

The shadow girl - One moves, the other, dressed in black, acts as the shadow on the floor.  We've seen similar ones like this, usually from what appears to be Japanese TV.

"Will someone come out and say what a monumental twit Condi Rice is as Secretary of state?"  Counterpoint:  John McCain posts on Captain's Quarters about why talking with North Korea is a bad idea.

Blog Juice gives you blog a rating based on RSS subscriptions, traffic, Technorati ranking and inbound links.  A fun vanity site for when you get sick of Googling your own name.

Tell me this isn't a viral McDonalds commercial.  Too bad the drive-through order speaker is such a poor quality that the guy on the other end had no idea what they were doing.

The Grindhouse trailer from the Scream Awards the other night.  Basically safe for work, but a little racy and a little gory.  A Tarantino classic or a Tarantino self-parody?  Kind of hard to tell, but good looking cast.