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The truth is out there

— "Intel is offering $1m in prizes to designers and manufacturers who can come up with sexier alternatives to the 'big, beige box'."  I hope we get to see the submissions.

Speaking of contests, stump the most people with your pseudo-fact or truthful trivia and win a hundred bucks.  If you don't care for contests, at least check out Blufr, which challenges you to call the facts from the fictions.

Speaking of separating truth from fiction, 6 commonly believed things that are wrong

Speaking of truths revealed, every year a critic named Swanni compiles a list of who looks bad on HDTV.  Apparently a lot of TV aesthetic relies on the fact that the picture is always a little fuzzy.  In high definition you see all the imperfections - make-up doesn't do the job anymore.  I love to think about what it means for the future of video.  A new emphasis on skin products?  New beauty standards?  More CGI actors?  Or maybe more relaxed beauty standards as we come to realize that imperfect skin is normal and natural?  Nah.  Swanni also makes a list of who looks good in High Definition.  The beauty elite as a class will survive.

Speaking of how people look, I saw Carrot Top in the hall today.  He was hanging around Joe Scarborough with a camera following them, so they must have been working on something for the show.  Anyway, that guy certainly does command an uncommon countenance.  I'm not making any judgments, I'm hardly in a position to do that, but Carrot Top definitely makes you look twice.

Speaking of the future of video...

Do you feel like there's a picture being painted here?  How about if I add this:

Speaking of putting cameras to work, How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and recording security camera - I haven't tried this, but the instructions are very clear.  A friend of mine set up something like this on his back porch because he thought his neighbor was stealing his tools.

Newsweek to U.S.:  You can't handle the truth

Bloggers attend signing of the bill they championed. (I think that may be a first.)

Is there a name for these?  I feel like I've seen a few online.  Escher-like animations?

Is this some kind of remote model airplane camera?  UPDATE:  More here and the video has more details of the gear involved.  Basically you watch through goggles in real time what a camera mounted on the plane sees.  Scroll ahead to 1:30 in the video on the second link for the coolest part.  The camera matches the position of the goggles automatically, no joystick or anything.

Dangerous dance in Japan - This isn't as exciting as it could be, but the idea of a serene dance in the middle of rushing traffic appeals to me for some reason.

Lock picking business card

Look for a Marvel Universe MMO to come.

Speaking of comic heroes, I caught the rerun of the premiere of the NBC Heroes show and I think it's pretty good.  I like the idea of an accompanying graphic novel on the site, though I had a bit of a struggle navigating it in a smooth way (load time is long). 

A long time ago I posted a link to how to search for unprotected music files online with Google.  Recently the trick resurfaced on Digg.  Check out the comments because people have added more user friendly links that do a similar thing.  Do note that this is a back-door trick and the chances are good that the search results might not be intended for public download.

"NoteMesh is a free service that allows college students in the same classes to share notes with each other."

Nuked soap - Who knew?  I wonder how many things these people nuked before they found a good one like this.

I remember when the Tomahawk (Viper engine in a motorcycle) was unveiled, but I don't recall seeing it actually moving.  I'm still not clear how it steers.  Can you lean a 1500 pound bike with four wheels?

The Men's Health sex survey - They teamed up with Cosmo and asked 6,000 men and women extremely frank questions, putting the results side by side.  No photos, so it's safe for work, but again, extremely frank questions.

Debunking the MySpace Myth of 100 Million Users - 43 million is still nothing to sneeze at, but the reporting of Web numbers has a way of getting carried away, so it's good to have a reality check once in a while.

Commuter Click:  Mahmoud and Me - The translator for the Iranian president while he was at the UN tells some behind-the-scenes stories.  I read the first page, which includes a few disses that were overlooked in the Brian Williams interview.  I'll print out the rest to read.  It's pretty long.