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Photowalk with me

— Former Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble's new job includes producing a video blog called The Scoble Show.  I watched his "Photowalk" with Thomas Hawk is a nice explanation of what it means to be an urban photoblogger.  He's got more and better equipment than the average bear, but still a nice primer on the art form.  The positive response in the comments makes me wonder if we'll see more of the "photowalk" idea.

Speaking of learning from photobloggers, if you're in the New York City area this Friday, NYC Photobloggers 8 is meeting at the Apple store in Soho.  Next to Scoble's photowalking, this would probably be called photositting. (I'll see you there.)

Speaking of shooting your own video, "More competition for local video news"  The details are a little hazy to me, but it looks like Verizon is sponsoring some kind of local news video hubs.  I'll be interested to see what they produce when there aren't any major news events taking place.

As we saw with Wal-Mart and light bulbs, when a significant enough number of a product is sold, slight changes to that product can have a big impact.  Now Google is pushing computer makers to come up with a more efficient way of powering computers.  This comes in interesting parallel to a Greenpeace campaign to encourage Apple to be more environmentally conscious.

An updating photo of the sun

Speaking of pointing the camera at the sky, strange clouds.  There's some video at the bottom too.

Microsoft has a new social networking site called Wallop.  There is the question of how a new site expects to pick up any users when MySpace and Facebook have so much of the market locked up.  But there does seem to be a sense out there that kids and college students will want to "graduate" to a more adult network.  What's interesting is that the business model is not ad based.  The hope to make money selling custom features.  Sort of like the motorcycle industry selling aftermarket products.  (Note:  In spite of MSNBC.com's Microsoft parentage, I have absolutely no inside insight into this product.  For some reason they never call to ask my opinion.)

Speaking of Microsoft products, I had to run this through Technorati to understand why it was drawing links.  Looks like it's the Veronica Mars fans online who are pleased to be able to watch the season premiere online.

Speaking of watching TV online, Daily Episodes has such a big ad on it I thought it was spam.  In fact it's a directory of all the episodes of The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, Family Guy and American Dad.  The videos are hosted on a variety of clip services around the Web.

Little Superstar

The Internet's biggest Google whores.  In this case, a Google whore is someone who makes money from Google ads.  The idea of making hundreds of thousands of dollars PER MONTH from ads on a Web site makes my head spin.

More concept jewelry:  Info Rings: "Each of the rings stores the wearer's personal information, so when a handshake puts two rings close together they exchange the stored info, making small talk and introductions unnecessary."  Don't some PDAs already do this?

"Brazilian javelin judge Lia Mara Lourenco is helped by colleagues and medics..." well, you can guess the rest.

A campaign to send stuffed animals to children in Iraq.  I know some campaigns like this have been shut down out of safety concerns, but this seems to be running well.  Nice site that Parent Hacks.  Great logo.

From the mailbag, Korean archery sharpshooting, including ultra slow motion footage of the arrow passing through things.  (Thanks Matt!)