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Stealing by the book

— "A security expert in New York has learned how to get free money from some ATMs by entering a special code sequence on the PIN pad."  He made the machine think it was counting fives instead of 20s.  The owner's manual (easily acquired) shows you how.  It all boils down to whether the default passwords have been changed.  As you might expect, the industry is moving quickly to patch security holes.

Speaking of stealing stuff using instruction books (that probably won't work now that it's blowing up on the Internet), this guy has a trick for figuring out the comp code on a free Whopper at Burger King.  UPDATE:  After some cross cube chat, the possibility came up that this would be a great viral marketing campaign by Burger King.  People go to Burger King for the freebie and spend enough on the mark-up on fries and drink to cover the cost of the burger.  Meanwhile you've got people coming to Burger King who wouldn't necessarily have done so otherwise.

These remind me of the old link on how to hack a Coke machine using the maintenance manual.

Speaking of reminding, The Remember Ring is a joke, but it shouldn't be.  What's more, it should be programmable.  Maybe a bracelet would be better for holding the required power source.

How to deal with an irate person - Describes a technique called "pace and lead," the idea being to get equally energized and then wind down hoping the other person will follow suit.  This contradicts every hostage negotiator movie I've ever seen.

Dude wrap:  Gift wrap for men.  Makes sense.

Who the heck is Daniela Cicarelli?  (Am I officially old for not knowing?)  See the "Spanish Beach Scandal" section for why her name is showing up like crazy.  Note that Brazillian and Spanish media are less restrained than American media about showing racy images.  Watch where you click.

How to explain RSS the Oprah way - This might sound condescending, but have you ever tried to explain RSS to someone?  I think we'll see a lot of this kind of piece as efforts are made to push RSS into the mainstream.

ScoopVid is a really comprehensive video aggregator.  Bigger than the Viral Video Chart we saw the other day because it includes mainstream news video and iFilm.

46 Things I Wish My Mom Taught Me About Money

Enter the dimensions and SizeEasy lets you visualize the relative sizes.  I can't think of a use for this, but it seems like something that would be handy.

Hugo Chavez, bookseller.

The Umbrella Photo Browser to Relay Experiences in Rainy Day - It's an umbrella that takes pictures and video and shares them with other umbrella users and then also posts them to Flickr and furthermore, displays them on the umbrella itself.

E-mail from space - "Here's my blog entry of your launch" is not exactly "one small step for man..."

Building sand castles on a frame.

M&Ms is launching a dark chocolate version and to celebrate they built a game site.  Name the "dark" movies based on the clues.

Yesterday was Parking Day.  Participants take over parking spaces and convert them to park space to show how much better things would be if we didn't cede so much space to cars.

The new trailer for 300 looks really good - and I say that fully aware that I recently poked fun at the swords/horses/English accents genre.  UPDATE:  That didn't last long.  Warner Brothers must have a serious online legal team because I can't find another version anywhere.  The movie's production blog shows some examples of how they were able to Frank-Millerize the movie.  The official Warner Brothers site lists the trailer as "coming soon."  Another UPDATE:  Here's a new working link. (Thanks Steve.)

Japanese pen spinning - Nothing short of ninja.  Fun Japanese metal soundtrack from a band called MintJam that calls to mind my old Loudness vinyl (because hey, how many Japanese metal bands can you name?)