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— Looking for blogging on the Thailand coup?  I clicked this Bangkok blog and this site, which is "intended to provide local news, media and perspective of Thailand Coup Event on 19th September 2006 to the world."

Speaking of political unrest, Publius Pundit explains the deal with riots in Hungary.

Speaking of getting international news of political upsets from blogs,
New Beginning for Sweden

Gawker has published their New York City smell map.  I don't know how useful this is, but it's a funny idea and some of the stink descriptions made me laugh.

Speaking of funny, A funniness epidemic? - I enjoyed the insights here, but is it really true that people are only recently trying to be funny all the time?  Hasn't humor always been the key to hearts and minds?

Speaking of insightful commentary, Why Paris Hilton Is Famous (Or Understanding Value In A Post-Madonna World)

Speaking of Bansky, photos of the Banksy show in L.A.  This large a collection of his work goes a long way toward understanding what he's about.

Web 2.0 winners and losers - The losers list is more informative.  That is, reading what they wanted to be but aren't paints a good picture of what Web 2.0 means.

The Shire is meant to evoke the feeling of living in a hobbit community.  There are even a few round-door houses.

The White Stripes on the Simpsons.

Having read the news earlier this week of a YouTube/Warner Music deal I drew the mentally easy conclusion that YouTube was finally going to start making money.  So when I saw headlines predicting YouTube's doom, I clicked.  (Short version:  What makes YouTube great is against the law.  They'll get sued, be forced to crack down on users and ultimately wither and die.

Speaking of reading differing opinions, my general reaction to the dust up over the Pope's comments was that Muslims need to get over it and stop freaking out over everything.  In contrast, I clicked Christopher Hitchens criticizing the Pope, and this essay warning against conveying impressions of Islamophobia.

TV corner:

Defamer responds less than favorably, though not exactly with hostility at being imitated by NBC's fake blog connected to the Studio 60 show.  (By the way, I think that guy Sorkin does a great job and I like this new show -- though at first I dreaded that it was going to be another "our life in TV is so cool, of course everyone in America should see what it's like" show.  But I think he does get away with making some pretty big statements about the state of television.)

TV is Gael's turf, so I don't want to trespass, but as long as I'm on the subject, can someone explain "Dead Like Me" to me.  They're grim reapers, they're dead, but they're also alive, but they don't have super powers and they can't stay in touch with their families and friends?  (I like the show, I just feel like I'm not getting it.)

Speaking of Gael, I'm going for CSI tonight with a Grey's Tivo.  I'm more interested in seeing what they do with the Grissom/Sarah storyline than I am with the endlessly cyclical hot/cold storyline on Grey's.

A slightly edited note from the mailbag:

I noticed a reader had sent a link for the "touch tapping" guitar technique.  It immediately reminded me of Stanley Jordan and his insane abilities.

He has mastered this technique using one guitar.  This video is an incredibly expressive and progressive approach to the Beatles tune Eleanor Rigby.  Towards the end he has both hands to voice notes on the guitar, so he uses his face to do a scale run down the low string...  AMAZING STUFF.
- Eric

Will replies:  Thanks Eric, I thought of Stanley Jordan too, but also Michael Hedges.  (And searching for him brought up Adam Werner and this guy too.  I guess there's a whole school of tap-playing out there.