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Catching up on conversations

— One of the great benefits of the blogosphere is being able to eavesdrop on a variety of conversations.  What I clicked:

Ross Mayfield has stirred up discussion about the idea of a "MeMeme" -a list of the most popular URLs being linked to (or otherwise recommended) by the people in a network of your own definition (like your social network).  Among the reactions, I clicked Gabe Rivera's explanation for why he doesn't offer such a thing as part of the Memeorandum collection.

Changing gears to economics, beginning with Brad DeLong's response to Paul Krugman on the subject of distribution of wealth and taxing the rich ("A reality-based government would react to growing pretax inequality by taxing the rich more, and subsidizing the poor more."), I then went on to read Jane Galt's further response/criticism with the focus shifting to the social nature of economic inequality ("I cannot believe in this sort of redistribution--"cutting down the tall poppies", as I believe the Australians call it.").  Eventually I ended up back at Brad DeLong's site where he follows up on his earlier question of "how can we make our high politicians allergic to populist policies that are stupid?"  ("[B]uilding pragmatic technocratic policy coalitions from the [political] center outward will be possible and is our best chance.")

(By the way, Galt also has a thorough analysis of that median income map we saw the other day.)

Of course, the conversation that has the pundit blogosphere by the throat is that 9/11 docu-drama from ABC.  As a service to the discourse, Editor & Publisher has written out a summary of the review copy they saw.

Majority Watch is tracking polling in congressional races around the country, resurrecting the red/blue map with the seat counter in the corner.

Speaking of covering the coming election, how do you like the new Politics page here at MSNBC.com?  I'm liking that headline list, and the map is more thorough than the Majority Watch map.

Just Jared has reprinted all of those Vanity Fair photos of the Cruise baby in case you're curious but couldn't be bothered to hunt down the magazine.

Sex-With-Corpse Scheme Busted - Ick.  The guy was apparently "smitten" with a woman's obituary photo so he got his friends to help him try to dig up the body to have sex with it.

American media has stopped covering soccer now that the World Cup is long over, but if you were paying attention this summer you may be interested to know that Materazzi is finally telling his side of the story.  He says it was Zidane's sister he insulted that drew the head butt heard 'round the world.  The whole thing sounds so benign, I still think Zidane was a fool.

A sofa (bunk) bed - This needs some Transformers animation.

Further exploring the line between public personal information you make public and public personal information someone else makes more public is a speed sign that also posts your license plate number.  Your plate number isn't private, anyone can see it, but somehow putting it up on a sign makes it self-consciously public -- even though the number of people who see the sign is probably not many more than just you.