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— There's no question the news of Steve Irwin's death flooded the Web and seized all the "most popular" link lists for the past few days, so I won't pile on with even more coverage.  But I would like to point your attention to this essay on the interesting question of a parent's responsibility to stay alive and not do stupid, dangerous or "extreme" things that tempt death.  It's something I've definitely considered as a motorcycle-riding parent.  Just how much should you pad your own environment to ensure that your child has a healthy -or at least living- parent?

(By the way, has anyone seen any good footage of a stingray actually "stinging" something?  So far I've only seen experts in wet suits standing in aquarium pools showing a removed stinger.  Or diagrams of stingrays with an arrow saying "stinger is here.")

Speaking of the things you do not necessarily being good for your kids, Suri Cruise V. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Who Was Pimped Harder?

Jewish man removed from airplane for praying  "A flight attendant approached the man and told him his praying was making other passengers nervous."  It's an interesting contrast to the increasingly religiosity of Americans that there seems to also be an increased fear of religious people.

In a fascinating "speaking of" connected to my bewilderment yesterday at people who share too much personal information publicly on purpose, Mashable is following reaction to changes at Facebook, a hugely popular social site.  Basically they've added a way for the information friends are already sharing (by virtue of making it public) to be presented more directly in the form of a personal news feed.  Apparently this is just far enough on the wrong side of the line for people to feel uncomfortable with it.  It seems it's OK for personal information to be findable, but not OK for it to be reported.  I'm wondering if there's an element of anonymity in a crowd that is necessary for people to feel comfortable operating in online networks.

There's still a lot of attention being paid to this map showing change in income by state over the past six years.

"See if you can identify which well known band is, ahem, being paid homage to in each track below."

Google is launching a new news archive search.  The cool thing is the timeline feature.  How about Harley Davidson news from before 1930?

Speaking of Google toys, they're using human volunteers to label photos to help them show up better in search.  The process works as a game.  "The game pits you against someone else. If you see a picture of a car, and you both label it car, you can proceed to the next image. You continue until your time has run out."  And Google comes away with a group of tags associated with the images.

Speaking of making photos available to the public, the Neon Museum in Las Vegas withholds permission to photograph the old signs because sharing the photos from the non-profit museum may result in their use by a for-profit entity.  The criticism from BoingBoing and elsewhere is that they've cut off their nose to spite their face.  That is, to stop illegal use of the photos, they've undermined the very purpose of the collection, which is to show people the history of neon signs in Las Vegas.

Lifehacker's download of the day is a bit of software called Naggie.  You put it on your Blackberry and when you write your to-do list, you also specify "where" so that when the Blackberry's GPS can remind you of the errand as you near it.  No more saying, "Oh!  I can't believe I forgot!  And I drove right past it on the way home!"

"If Universal Display is right, lightbulbs in the future won't come in boxes. They will be incorporated into the wallpaper."

How to put on a bra - It's actually a clip from a movie called DOA: Dead or Alive, based on a video game.  The movie comes out tomorrow.  NOTE:  This is a video of a topless woman in her underwear doing karate on a bunch of thugs while also putting on her bra.  It's safe enough that it could be played on TV, but ... well... it's a topless woman doing karate in her underwear.

Video of the Paris Hilton CD "droplifting" mentioned yesterday.

Sumter Woman Finds Possible Ancient Coin In Grocery Change - Tsk, I'm suddenly not so impressed with the 1939 wheat penny I got as change from the cafeteria.

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