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Drag queens, bad machines and other loose links

Political drag - male politicians photoshopped as women.  Alwasy quality work from the Worth 1000 folks.

Hey!  Don't forget the Battlestar Galactica webisodes start today!

I don't know anything about Sufjan Stevens, so reading all the excitement about a big Christmas song package release sent me to Napster for a free listen.  The (non-Christmas) album is quiet, sparse and folky.  Banjo/guitar, voices, no drums, kind of repeticious.  Not bad for background while working, though maybe too sleepy for a Monday.

Hotel Bed Jumping - the funnest thing to do in a hotel since secret wall tattoos (drawing a picture underneath the hotel's framed picture.)

Speaking of "the funnest thing since," the musical toothbrush that you hear through vibrations in your jaw is the funnest thing since the musical lollipop.